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You know you have been playing X-BTF for too long when...
When X was about to be released some people were waiting for the release day after day:
Day One
Damn IT, Damn IT to hell
Intriguing Conversation about Space and Sound
If I...

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You know you have played too much X-BTF when...

Posted By: Orion McMurry on 11 Apr 2000, 14:45

Posted By: Orion McMurry on 11 Apr 2000, 14:45

Posted By: Gaz on 12 Apr 2000, 12:15

You know when you have played too much X-BTF when you start thinking up advertising slogans for the products in the game!
'Gamma H.E.T.P: Get those really tough stains out of your universe!'

Posted By: JeffB on 12 Apr 2000, 03:03

Posted By: Papsmear on 11 Apr 2000, 21:18

You go to your mechanic for a lube, oil & filter....
and ask him for engine tuning and rudder optimization

Posted By: Flash on 11 Apr 2000, 21:04

Posted By: The Thrawn on 11 Apr 2000, 20:12

Posted By: AdmiralG on 11 Apr 2000, 18:02

Well I have played too much X as I ordered Sushi take out on the phone the other night and asked for a fried Bofu Salad and when the woman said what I said it again a fried Bofu Salad please, Well Tofu did show up, lucky me as my lady likes her Tofu fried, and she had a strange look on her face when I hung up, Whats Bofu she asked, I smiled and said wrong universe.
Some nights I go to bed with green grid lines zipping by in my head when i close my eyes, like I am running on the eliptic display.
Well I have not ordered a Beefsteak Cahoonas for lunch yet,
Or hear voices welcoming me back to my bathroom when i enter in the morning.
Keep the X growing

Posted By: Ivan on 11 Apr 2000, 17:17

Posted By: Miskarr on 11 Apr 2000, 16:46

Posted By: Gaz on 11 Apr 2000, 15:12

Posted By: Synex on 11 Apr 2000, 14:59

You know when you have played too much X-BTF when...
You put the CD in the CD-Rom.

Posted By: Ivan 'Cmdr Kolpath' Tefalco on 16 May 2000, 21:16

Day One

Posted by: Simon ITALY on 24.09.99 17:17:08 we are at day one... can't see Ivan anywhere, guess he must be somewhere around Mars o Saturn with the manual on his knees. There are people who bought it yesterday... people who found it this moarning and others that can't find it anywhere.
Here in Italy got to wait other 4-5 days...i've polished my joystick, bought a new chair, cleaned the monitor, boosted my stereo...ok..i'm ready... I WANT TO PLAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

Damn It.Damn It to Hell.

Posted by: David Hubner on 25.09.99 17:06:20

Well so far i have missed two copys by 1 hour waited 3 years for the game and have started crying when anyone says "eXactly" or "eXtremly". I don't believe it, all the shops in the south of england say it shall be another week but HMV had copy's 2 days ago???????? Does anyone know how long if i order online it would be delivered to england?? Thanks Dave

If I...

Posted by: Jar Jar on 30.06.99 01:13:00

If I fart while in space will it make a sound?

Posted by: Buttman on 30.06.99 09:45:44

Dont think it will smell either.

Posted by: Nicos Gollan on 30.06.99 15:18:16

Of course it smells, and it makes a (very weak) sound. Of course these are only perceptible to those creatures that can travel in space unprotected (that's "without suffering from explosive decompression"). Furthermore, that (hypothetic) creature's got to have a very sensitive hearing and a BIG nose th catch the faint smell of methane. It has to be able to survive extreme subzero/heat situations.

Posted by: Buttman on 30.06.99 15:40:36

Prove it....

Posted by: Nicos Gollan on 01.07.99 14:20:01

Just come up here and watch.

Posted by: Buttman on 02.07.99 09:46:40

Ehh....ok..i guess,...I believe you.

Posted by: Robert Beckwith on 02.07.99 11:21:55

Only space-sim fans could have such an intriguing conversation...


Posted by: Commander Jamieson on 25 Feb 2000, 19:03

> I just heard the description of spaceflies. Anyone ever wondered how do they communicate by sound in space? Woocash the Curious *********************************************************************** *********************************************************************** Yeah. The rub their little legs in a megahigh frequency which produces a subatomic shift of the space continuum in hyper space. This causes the acceleration of triple quantums to a quarkplane state. In this state the Einstein effect takes over and permits the formation of overexited wolfram emitting Doppler framps. As those framps are emitted in a precise and single polar direction, it permits the spaceflies to change the modulation of the megahigh frequency and hence differently spaced framps produce different meanings. I would have thought everyone knew this, obviously I am wrong. Happy hunting. THANK you EGOSOFT for keeping the E L I T E spirit alive. Commander Jamieson