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How do I fight in an M4?

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By: JonHandby
Edited: 03/02/05 21:22

The M4 class fills the middle ground between Scouts (M5s) and Fighters (M3s), taking a little bit from both, so your tactics need to reflect this. The extra power and speed available to you give you the staying power of a combat craft but you're still fragile compared to M3 fighters. The extra time that your shields provide gives you more time to attack the enemy before taking evasive action; this greater amount of damage can be all the difference between a successful kill and a horrible death!

  • The Argon Buster and Teladi Buzzard are exceptionally slow which is very much against these ships. Equipped with three 5mw shields does provide you with a modicum of protection but its best if you stay away from heavily armed opponents as a single direct hit from a silkworm missile and it's all over.

  • The Boron Mako, despite jokes about it going round in circles because of its engine placement is one of the best M4s available to buy, although an Ion Disruptor costs almost as much as the ship itself once equipped the Mako has no trouble taking on almost any target. Coupled with its high speed and manoeuvrability the Mako is a fine vessel.

  • The Xenon M has the highest level of shielding of any M4, it's manoeuvrability is second to none, its speed is very reasonable but lacks the ability to equip a jump drive which is almost inexcusable for an early combat vessel.

  • The Paranid Pericles offers the ability to equip Psgs which is a boon to this fast interceptor craft! It is fast but is often over looked due the difficulty of reaching an amicable relationship with the Paranid, but this doesn't make it any less capable.

  • Split Scorpion is heavily armed with Alpha HEPTs coupled with the ability to arm both Mass Drivers and Ion Disruptors give this ship quite the punch, but it lacks shielding making it extremely brittle compared to the other M4.

  • The Pirate Bayamon is the most versatile M4 available, its four weapon mounts, good level of shielding and comfortable speed makes this the M4 of choice for combat pilots the universe over. Not only can it equip four Beta PACs but it is also able to mount Ion Disruptors, Beta PSGs and Mass Drivers, which makes for an impressive loadout in any pilots book!

  • Although difficult to get hold of the Khaak Interceptor is an impressive little fightercraft, the best time to capture one is in Ore Belt during your search for the Khaak base but you can pick one up in the Khaak sectors. The three Alpha Kyon Emitters make his ship a heavy hitter but it is no Khaak M3, compared to other M4 it is powerful but not overwhelmingly so.

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