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X²: The Threat

OK, I'm in an M3. Now how do I fight?

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Author Details
By: JonHandby
Edited: 03/02/05 21:24

The M3 class is made up of very special ships. Each one has a different fighting style associated with it. The extra shielding associated with M3s means you can remain highly aggressive towards your target without worrying too much about other enemies.

  • The Argon Nova is very slow but make up with shielding and weapon power, especially in it's rear turret and ability to equip Ion Disruptors. The rear turret can make up for the lack of speed, but missiles still can get through, be warned.

    Using a combination of Ion Disruptors and Bhepts it is possible to take down almost any target but you are very open to attack, your speed makes you vulnerable as you can't escape the enemies weapon fire. You must pacify targets quickly to avoid being overwhelmed. Mass Drivers are useful for swatting M5's and Missiles but can prove costly and the ammo is difficult to find.

  • The Boron Barracuda is a platform for Ion Disruptors making it excellent for capturing. The Barracuda has a good level of speed and an adequate turn rate that allows you to avoid most incoming fire and dangerous missiles. It's cargobay is roomy allowing for large Jumps. It's two 25mw shield slots offer lifesaving protection if you find yourself in a fix. The Barracuda has a few problems with missiles, so when being followed by hornet missiles be sure to take shallow corners, otherwise it is possible to run strait into the missile!

    Advance on the enemy into the range of your Ion Disruptors and strip the enemy of their shields, (be careful not to hit allied ships,) then switch one of the weapons to a Beta HEPT and fire until the target is destroyed. If your enemy has escorts, turn on the rear monitor as this will allow you to use either evasive turns or the strafe drive to avoid weapons fire. The joy of Ion Disruptors is that you can disarm your opponents allowing you to capture multiple targets without having to worry about weapons fire. It is fully possible to strip any ship of it's weapons and shields making it a passive target, this gives you time to be precise.

  • The Paranid Perseus is perhaps the best fighter available to you, whether equipped with PSGs or Alpha HEPTs it's a force to be reckoned with! Its high shielding and fast speed give it a controlling influence over the enemy. If it were not for the small cargo bay and inability to equip Ion Disruptors then this ship would be an utterly perfect fighting machine. Simply slaughter your enemies one by one, or in groups using the PSG. Praise Xaar!

    The Perseus is the second fastest M3 in the universe meaning nothing can outrun your destructive potential, your shields give you a lot of leeway to concentrate on a single target at a time without the need to take too many evasive measures. There are moments when the Ahepts will let you down, but with PSGs there is no target that you cannot destroy. Your cargobay allows you to make short range jumps which is adequate for assassination missions.

  • The Mamba is a powerful beast, able to take on any fighter equipped with conventional weapons without fear. When it comes to attacking fighters, no matter how numerous your enemy the Mamba will come through. The Mamba's Achilles' heal is beam and area effect weapons, making it weak against Khaak. Your speed and large jump capability allows you to simply dominate the enemy, with your level of agility there is nothing that they can throw at you which can harm you. Charge! Let none remain alive! For this day we are Warriors!

    You must keep moving in the Mamba, there is no room for error! Using the monitors and the strafe drive it is possible to avoid all incoming fire while remaining surprisingly aggressive. The key to the Mamba is to hit hard and fast, if there are strong multiple enemies you should never slow down. It takes a lot of skill to fly the Mamba effectively but when faced with overwhelming odds there is nothing more satisfying than fighting in a Mamba, with each and every kill feeling better than the last! Khaak combat is very specialist in the Mamba... You've got to move in very fast in on the M3 and you've got to strafe wildly!!! Despite the Khaak's use of Kayon weapons does give them a serious advantage but they require that the entire ship be turned to hit the target meaning that the Kayon's can be avoided. The speed of the mass drivers ability to bypass sheilds allows the Mamba to attack targets that would otherwise be beyond it's abilities, although the ammo cost is likely to be high.

  • The Pirate Orinoco, Xenon L and the Teladi Falcon have similar traits; they are slow and well armoured. They are powerful but they have a real weakness in their speed. If the enemy is numerous then kill them quickly or face being overwhelmed with firepower. The Orinoco is a highly adaptable ship, with both PSGs and Ion Disruptors, although it's comparatively low shielding and speed represents a problem. The Falcon has more in common with a freighter than a fighter with few redeeming features other than it's cargobay. Nothing can out turn the Xenon ships, the L is no exception, this allows you to avoid enemy fire very easily!

    Because of your lack of speed you must remain highly defensive while trying to inflict as much damage as possible on the enemy. The Orinoco's greater range of weaponry makes this task easier. The Falcon is not a ship to get caught alone, unlike the Nova, it has no rear turret making you highly susceptible to missile attack. The L offers only one weapon choice but it's turn rate makes it very useful as a wingmen.

  • The Khaak Fighter can only equip the powerful Beta Kyon weapons of the Khaak, these are deadly to fighters, freighters and some corvettes but are unable to bring down a large capital ship with only one craft. Fly at top speed towards the enemy firing your weapons until the ship explodes or the pilot bails. It really is that simple!

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