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X²: The Threat

So, I'm flying an M5. Can I still go capturing?

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Edited: 03/12/04 23:42

Realistically you need to limit yourself to going for M5s and M4s. There is some essential equipment and some optional extras.

Essential equipment:
  • Shields: Without shields you will probably not survive, and the more shielding you, have the greater the chance of your surviving the attack. I always recommend maximum shields in any M5.

  • Lasers: While you can capture ships using only missiles, you really need lasers to capture on a regular basis. Again fit the maximum lasers the M5 can mount, you can always remove one if you want less firepower.

  • Fight Command Software: This allows you to have aiming support. Mk1 of this software gives a lead firing indicator but Mk2 will adjust your aim to improve accuracy. Get your shots in the right area and this upgrade will do the rest.

  • Speed: If need to get out of a bad situation there is nothing you can do if you have a slower ship than your target/attacker. Most ships in the X universe are not tuned to their maximum possible speed so you probably don't need to either. However any extra speed you have might make the difference between escaping to fight another day and getting wasted.

  • Boost extension: The boost extension allows you to reach maximum speed in almost zero time. A real lifesaver provided your max speed is faster than your opponent's.
Optional extras:
  • Freight scanner: While you are probably not interested in the actual cargo they are carrying, this device will allow you to see what weapons they have installed and also whether they are carrying fighter drones and missiles. Fighter Drones may lack powerful weapons, but in numbers they can be a serious threat to an M5 or other lightly shielded ship.

  • Transporter device: There is nothing worse than capturing a ship only to see it get destroyed. A transporter device allows you to exchange freight with another ship. By carrying an extra shield or two you can beam them across and dramatically improve the chances of the ship getting to safety.

  • Missiles: In fact these are almost essential if you want to take on heavily shielded ships. Each wasp missile will do 5 MW of shield damage.

  • Salvage insurance: Available from the Goner Temple, this allows you to save your game while in space. Before going into battle its worth using one of these so if it doesn’t go to plan, you can reload and try again. Everyone makes mistakes and having to reload and go back to the last station you docked at, possibly hours before, is not much fun.

  • Strafe drive: This allows you to have lateral movement, which greatly decreases the chances of you being hit. Not used by real pilots but can be installed if required.

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