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How do I repair a ship?

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By: Carlo the Curious
Edited: 01/05/10 15:20

There are several ways you can repair one of your ships if it's damaged:
  • At a shipyard

    • Order your ship to dock at the shipyard.

    • Once it has docked open the shipyard trade window. Note that if you are not docked yourself then to do this you will need Trading System Extension software installed on your ship.

    • You should see your ship listed twice in the trade screen - once under 'Repair Ships' and again under 'Sell Ships'. Note that the price listed for the repair is for each percentage point of hull damage, not the total cost!

    • Highlight the ship in the 'Repair Ships' section using the Up/Down cursor keys, then use the Left/Right cursor keys to select the amount of damage to repair (or the End key to repair all damage). The total cost is shown on the lower right. Finally, hit Enter to confirm the transaction.

  • At the player headquarters (should you have one). The process is described in this FAQ article.

  • In space using the repair laser:

    • Fly near to the ship you want to repair, and then eject from your own ship (or just eject, if you want to repair your personal ship).

    • Target the ship you want to repair (this isn't strictly necessary, but lets you see the hull state).

    • Make sure you're within 2km of the target ship, centre the targetting reticule on the ship, and then press and hold fire. You'll see the repair laser hitting the target ship, and the hull damage will slowly decrease. The laser repairs a little more than 10 hull a second, so it can take a long time to fix ships this way - but it is free!

Note: Using the repair laser on ships that you do not own will normally be treated as an attack.

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