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Things to know about satellites

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By: Carlo the Curious
Edited: 05/01/10 14:08

Satellites provide a cheap way to maintain a presence in a sector. You drop them in space and they provide you with data in your sector map showing the ship traffic within their scanner range. They also allow you to remotely see prices in the sector and buy new ships from any shipyard within the sector (provided you also have a Trading System Extension installed).

There are two types of satellite available; Navigation Relay Satellites and Advanced Satellites. The most important difference between them is the scanner range, with the Advanced Satellite having roughly double that of the standard Navigation Relay Satellite. When you are in the same sector as an Advanced Satellite you can also receive a video feed superimposed onto your sector map.

Using satellites:
  • To manually deploy a satellite just eject it from your cargo bay - the satellite will appear behind your ship. You can also use a ship to automatically place satellites in every sector by using the Deploy Satellite Network command.

  • To retrieve one of your deployed satellites you can simply fly into it, as you would for a floating cargo crate.

  • To use the video feed on an Advanced Satellite you have to be in the same sector as the satellite. Bring up the sector map and press k to toggle the feed on and off. You can zoom in on an object by selecting it in the sector map list and using the Home and End keys.

Note: Satellites have minimal shields, and are often targetted by passing enemies. For this reason you may want to consider deploying your satellites quite a long way from the centre of the sector - although the scanner will be of little use, you can still see sector prices, and there is much less chance of the satellite being destroyed.

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