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How do I use the Advanced Jumpdrive Configuration?

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By: Carlo the Curious
Edited: 01/08/10 02:44

The Advanced Jumpdrive Configuration can be found in the ship command console. You can use these settings to configure your ships to automatically use an equipped jumpdrive when travelling around the universe.

For any ship which has a jumpdrive you can configure the following options:
    Autojump: 'Yes' if this ship should use a jumpdrive when navigating.
    Autojump Minimum Jump Range: The minimum journey (in sectors) the ship may use a jump drive for. '0' means the ship can jump even for a destination within the same sector.
    Fuel Resupply Quantity (jumps): Attempt to keep enough Energy Cells for this many (single-sector) jumps. The actual number of Energy Cells will depend on the size of the ship (see this FAQ article).

For bigger ships (TM, TL, M8, M6, M7, M7M, M2, M1) you also have:
    Emergency Jump: 'Yes' if this ship should attempt to jump out when in danger.
    Emergency Jump Shield Threshold: Shield strength (percentage) at which to begin emergency jump procedure.

Bear in mind that ships like station traders will require enough fuel to jump back home as well as out to the destination, so you will normally want to set the Fuel Resupply Quantity to at least twice the range you set in the station parameters. Also note that the jump procedure is not instantaneous - something you may want to take into account when deciding the shield threshold for emergency jumps.

Note: MK3 traders (Sector Traders, etc.) have their own rules for using jumpdrives, and ignore the Advanced Jumpdrive Configuration.

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