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What effect does the gamestart have?

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By: X2-Illuminatus
Edited: 05/05/16 19:05

The gamestart you choose affects:
  • Your initial location.

  • Your initial cash.

  • Your initial ship(s) and station(s), what equipment and upgrades are installed and what personnel is working on them.

  • Your initial ship's cockpit (can be changed later in the game).

  • Your initial reputation with the different factions.

  • Whether or not you can play the main storyline.

As of Version 4.00, the following gamestarts are available:
  • Campaign - This is the only gamestart allowing you to play the main storyline. Starting with a damaged Albion Skunk you will find yourself in the Albion System. You will be introduced to the X-Universe, upgrade your ship over time and start your own adventure. This gamestart is highly recomended for new players!

  • Free Play - Starting with some weapons and cash, this gamestart let's you jump directly into Freeplay mode without having to play the campaign first.

  • Aspiring Merchant - This gamestart is recommended for traders. Owning two freight ships and a good amount of cash, you can start increasing your wealth by sending your ships through the universe selling and buying all kinds of wares.

  • Argon Mercenary - Equipped with several drones, weapon systems and missiles, this gamestart is recommended for players, who want to establish their reputation through fighting rather than trading.

  • Empire Builder - This gamestart lets you start your career as a station owner, with your first station already been built and having personnel onboard.

  • The Teladi Outpost - This gamestart lets you dive directly into the Teladi territory added by the The Teladi Outpost DLC. Supported by three freight ships and a certain start-up capital you can show the Teladi what trading really means. Note: This gamestart is only available when you have the "The Teladi Outpost" DLC installed.

  • Home of Light - This gamestarts lets you directly start in the eponymous system of the "Home of Light" DLC. With a good amount of money and two capable freight ships, you can discover the new system and make new friends to start your trading empire. Note: This gamestart is only available when you have the "Home of Light" DLC installed.

  • Verge Explorer - Only with the Albion Skunk and a capable crew you're stranded in an unkown part of space, from where you must find the way to populated systems. But don't feel too safe, as dangers and secrets are all around you. Note: This gamestart is only available when you have the "Home of Light" DLC installed.

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