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What are combat ranks?

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By: Carlo the Curious
Edited: 19/05/10 01:42

Your combat (or fight) rank is an indication of how much you have proved yourself in the martial area. There are 31 different ranks, ranging from Harmless (the lowest) to X-TREME (the highest).

You can improve your combat rank simply by destroying ships and stations. Generally speaking, the larger the ship, the more rank you gain by destroying it, but note that only your own personal kills count - you don't gain combat rank for kills by other ships (or stations!) that you own. Higher ranks get progressively harder to achieve, but allow access to more advanced missions.

Note: If you leave the game idle for a long time it's possible your combat rank will actually decrease - see this FAQ article.

The game stores your rating internally as a number between 0 and 1 000 000. Each 'title' is defined as a subset of that range (e.g. Novice is from 10 to 19). Note that the percentage shown on the pilot screen is an indication of your progress towards the next rank, not an overall percentage of your progress towards the highest rank.

Combat Ranks

0 Harmless(0)
1 Nuisance(2)
2 Greenhorn(5)
3 Novice(10)
4 Rookie(20)
5 Trainee(50)
6 Competent(70)
7 Graduate(90)
8 Skilled(130)
9 Fighter(150)
10 Veteran(250)
11 Marksman(450)
12 Sharpshooter(700)
13 Eagle Eye(900)
14 Professional(1 000)
15 Instructor(1 400)
16 Specialist(2 000)
17 Fighter Chief(2 500)
18 Master Chief(6 000)
19 Militant(9 000)
20 Warrior(16 000)
21 Assassin(25 000)
22 Vindicator(44 000)
23 Warlord(60 000)
24 Crusader(85 000)
25 Battlemaster(140 000)
26 Conqueror(280 000)
27 Overlord(420 000)
28 Legend(500 000)
29 Hero(700 000)
30 X-TREME(1 000 000)

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