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X²: The Threat

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Gameplay > Combat > X²: The Threat

This section relates to issues with the gameplay aspects of the games, such as how to use certain software, how to pilot your ship for different situations, and advice on managing your empire. The games are categorised into their own respective sections, so ensure that the game you are looking for help on is selected on the left bar.

Wanting to know how to destroy a capital ship while you are piloting a scout? Or do you want to know the best way to destroy a Khaak fleet? Well this section may be able to help you.

  • [EN] How does OOS (out of sector) combat work?
  • [EN] What are the differences between the different kinds of weapons?
  • [EN] What do all those letters mean in the weapon descriptions?
  • [EN] Why do I lose speed when my ship is damaged where the AI Ships do not?
  • [EN] Why use PPCs when HEPTs are more powerful?

  • [EN] How do I destroy fighters in a capital ship?
  • [EN] How do I fight in an M4?
  • [EN] How do I go about capital ship combat?
  • [EN] I keep being out-manoeuvred and being destroyed. How can I become a better pilot?
  • [EN] Is it possible to fight in an M5?
  • [EN] OK, I'm in an M3. Now how do I fight?
  • [EN] What about combat in an M6?
  • [EN] What am I doing wrong? I'm in my M5 and when I attack anything I die within seconds!
  • [EN] Which M6 should I buy?

  • [EN] How can I protect my ships when I'm not there?
  • [EN] I've got a TL/M2/M1 doing nothing, can I use that to protect a sector?
  • [EN] What about a squadron of fighters for out of sector defence (OOSD)?

  • [EN] Capturing? What's that?
  • [EN] How do I capture a ship? Can anyone do it?
  • [EN] How do I make money through capturing?
  • [EN] I've heard it is possible to capture Khaak ships. Is it true?
  • [EN] I've heard it is possible to capture Xenon Ks. Is it true?
  • [EN] I've heard it is possible to capture corvettes (M6s). Is it true?
  • [EN] Is capturing a good way of making a living?
  • [EN] Is it possible to capture another ship if I'm not actually flying the attacking ship?
  • [EN] So, I'm flying an M5. Can I still go capturing?
  • [EN] Well, I've captured a few ships and now it's time to upgrade. What should I buy?
  • [EN] What am I doing wrong? I keep getting killed trying to capture an M3 in my M5.
  • [EN] What am I doing wrong? The pilot of the ship I'm trying to capture won't bail out.
  • [EN] What are the best tactics to use for capturing?
  • [EN] What are the best weapons for capturing?
  • [EN] What can I capture?
  • [EN] What can I do? I can't find a lone ship to try to capture.
  • [EN] What can I do? My captured ships keep getting destroyed.
  • [EN] What combat rank do I have to be to capture ships?
  • [EN] What ship do I need to be flying to capture another ship?
  • [EN] What ships are worth capturing?
  • [EN] What’s the best ship to target for my first capture?
  • [EN] Where can I find more targets to capture?
  • [EN] Where can I find some more specific advice?
  • [EN] Will the races mind me capturing? What is the capturing code?
  • [EN] Wow, I've captured a Khaak ship! What weapons can I put in it?
  • [EN] Yes, I've read all the FAQs and guides, but I still cant capture. What can I do?

  • [EN] What does a Ion Disruptor do?
  • [EN] What does a Mass Driver do?
  • [EN] What does a Phased Shockwave Generator do?
  • [EN] What is a Kyon Emitter (or Unknown Object as it sometimes appears)?

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