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X³: Terran Conflict

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Gameplay > Stations > X³: Terran Conflict

This section relates to issues with the gameplay aspects of the games, such as how to use certain software, how to pilot your ship for different situations, and advice on managing your empire. The games are categorised into their own respective sections, so ensure that the game you are looking for help on is selected on the left bar.

Stations can be a pain to micromanage, especially when you have several working in unison. This section will assist in giving you advice on how stations work and where the best place to put them.

  • [EN] How do I get rid of station debris?
  • [EN] What is the difference between primary resources and secondary resources?
  • [EN] Where can I buy Terran factories?
  • [EN] Why won't this station let me dock?

  • [EN] Are player factories the same as NPC factories?
  • [EN] Can I move my station to a different sector?
  • [EN] How do I transfer my ship's cargo to my own station?
  • [EN] Why are the police attacking my factory/complex?

  • [EN] How do I build a complex?
  • [EN] My complex blew up! Why?
  • [EN] Why can't I connect a station to my complex?
  • [EN] Why do I explode, when I'm undocking from a supershipyard with my M6?
  • [EN] Why do my complexes not produce Energy Cells as Product?

  • [EN] HQ: Where can I buy/get it?
  • [EN] HQ: How do I build ships?
  • [EN] HQ: How do I recycle ships?
  • [EN] HQ: How do I repair ships?
  • [EN] HQ: How do I use the spray shop?
  • [EN] HQ: How does Reverse-Engineering work?
  • [EN] HQ: I heard that I can paint my ships, is that true?
  • [EN] HQ: I heard that the HQ is able to repair itself, is that true?
  • [EN] HQ: What are its uses?

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