Patch 1.1 Feature list:


  • Improved multi monitor support: Graphic cards with more than one monitor connected can open special resolutions which are two or three screens wide. These modes now show all menus on one monitor and allow configuring a second or third monitor to be used either for a wide angle view or for minimonitors. Such modes include 1+1 (secondary screen shows a "large" minimonitor), 1+4 (secondary screen has four minimonitors), 1+1+1, 1+1+4

    To get access to mulitmonitor modes you can use a dual or triple head graphic cards or turn on the "horizontal span" in the NVidia NView tool.
  • Added support for EAX (activate at startup)
  • Re-adjusted fighting AI: Ships fighting in remote sectors
  • Added slider to input settings for Joystick sensitivity
  • Improved quality of audio streaming
  • Improved loading speed of new sectors
  • Added technical details screen about ships when buying a new ship from a yard (open with "i" or "u")
  • Added various tips to help unexperienced players during the plot missions

Example: Wide stretch to 3 monitors

Example: 1 plus 4 mode on two monitors

Example: 1 plus 1 plus 4 mode on three monitors