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Encyclopedia description

Though Overwatch still receives a supply of Teladianium from the foundries in Fields of Opportunity, after a Jump Gate realignment the Habitat-class "superstation" was cut off from most of the technology it requires to manufacture ships from its dedicated shipyard. Even though it now depends on Albion for these technologies, Overwatch still has much to offer the system, since it provides food and energy to all the stations still scattered across Serpentine Haze and Fatal Path. More importantly, however, it is home to thousands of Teladi civilians and the headquarters of the Teladi Union, making it the first port of call for any traveller coming to Fields of Opportunity.

Production modules

ModuleCountWaresMethodAvg. output/h
Foodstuff Fac3Food RationsFields of Opportunity12,000
Tesla Duo-Charger2Energy CellsFields of Opportunity9,600
Tesla Duo-Charger2Energy CellsFields of Opportunity9,600
Fuel Cell Mill1Fuel CellsFields of Opportunity900
URV Wharf2Cargolifter URV
Construction URV
Interceptor URV Mk1
Scoop Collector URV Mk1
Surface Miner URV Mk1
Interceptor URV Mk2
Scoop Collector URV Mk2
Surface Miner URV Mk2
Intrepid URV Mk1
Fields of Opportunity50
Podkletnov Fab6Podkletnov GeneratorsFields of Opportunity90
Medium Shipyard1Toucan (Bulk)
Toucan (Container)
Toucan (Energy)
Manorina (Gas)
Toucan (Liquid)
Manorina (Mineral)
Fields of Opportunity46
Medium Shipyard1Falcon
Fields of Opportunity78

Production balance

Total production and consumption of fully built station including efficiency, secondary resources and specialists. Where present, the per hour stats for intermediate wares show the difference between production and consumption.

Primary resourceTeladianium-12,443-7,453,721
Primary resourceScanning Array-276-3,181,704
Primary resourceWater-36,000-432,000
Primary resourcePlasma Flow Regulators-17-768,284
Primary resourceSpaceweed-2,700-124,200
Primary resourceMicrochips-299-416,279
Primary resourceNividium Cubes-4,320-432,000
Primary resourceFusion Reactors-158-4,647,718
Primary resourceBio-Optic Wiring-228-448,704
Secondary resourceHydrogen-26,040-312,480
Secondary resourceSpacefuel-1,200-55,200
Intermediate WaresPodkletnov Generators40312,172,451
Intermediate WaresEnergy Cells42,796213,981
Intermediate WaresFood Rations20,311589,029
ProductScoop Collector URV Mk111801,221
ProductInterceptor URV Mk110746,742
ProductConstruction URV7.18738,339
ProductSurface Miner URV Mk112800,927
ProductInterceptor URV Mk23.14943,254
ProductScoop Collector URV Mk23.59911,797
ProductSurface Miner URV Mk23.59845,868
ProductIntrepid URV Mk18.08803,362
ProductCargolifter URV11959,589
ProductFuel Cells1,22420,808
ProductToucan (Bulk)7.173,724,945
ProductToucan (Container)7.179,100,405
ProductToucan (Energy)7.173,777,884
ProductManorina (Gas)7.174,881,069
ProductToucan (Liquid)7.173,324,162
ProductManorina (Mineral)7.174,919,894
Total Price106,565,011

Shipyard modules

LV Shipyard3Vulture (Container)
Vulture (Energy)
Vulture (Liquid)
Vulture (Bulk)
Fields of Opportunity
XLV Ship Cradle3Albatross (Bulk)
Albatross XL (Bulk)
Albatross (Container)
Albatross XL (Container)
Albatross (Energy)
Albatross XL (Energy)
Albatross (Liquid)
Albatross XL (Liquid)
Crane (Bulk)
Crane (Container)
Crane (Energy)
Crane (Liquid)
Fields of Opportunity


Plasma/MA Turret607,0403,680
V Launcher204,8001,714
HIT/MA Turret243,5701,400
Plasma/JET LR Turret107,20012,050
Force Field Projector Mk14050,000
Force Field Projector Mk24100,000

URV capacity: 320

Build plan

A1Foodstuff Fac281202,554,620
A2Foodstuff Fac00
A3Foodstuff Fac00
B1Tesla Duo-Charger30184334204,8421,946,691
B2Tesla Duo-Charger33401,741,849
B3Tesla Duo-Charger30184344204,8422,116,540
B4Tesla Duo-Charger34401,911,698
C1Fuel Cell Mill23018412168204,8422,877,034
D1URV Wharf23018412826104204,84210,847,130
D2URV Wharf00
E1Podkletnov Fab00
E2Podkletnov Fab00
E3Podkletnov Fab00
E4Podkletnov Fab00
E5Podkletnov Fab00
E6Podkletnov Fab00
F1Medium Shipyard00
F2Medium Shipyard00

PE - Product Efficiency
EC - Energy Cells
RMP - Reinforced Metal Plating
FR - Fusion Reactors
FP - Force Field Projector
HM - HIT/MA Turret
PM - Plasma/MA Turret
VL - V Launcher
PJ - Plasma/JET LR Turret

Known instances in galaxy

Fields of OpportunitySerpentine HazeVerdant ProfitTU OverwatchTeladi Union
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