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Is it possible to fight in an M5?

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By: JonHandby
Edited: 03/02/05 21:21

Yes. Choose your target carefully. Find a ship that's isolated from the rest of its group. If the ship is alone then you can take your time to match its speed and strike only at the best opportunity.

If you must attack multiple targets in an M5 then you will find yourself hard pressed to wear down the shields of larger ships. You'll need to keep moving; if the enemy can target you with its bigger guns then you'll be in trouble. The extra speed will lower the number of shots that hit your target thus you're going to need to work that little bit harder to achieve the kill. For taking down pirate M3 and TS ships you will probably need to use missiles as your lasers are normally not powerful enough.

  • The Argon Discoverer is the ship you are given by Ban Danna at the beginning of the game. For an M5 it is definitely combat capable with single targets bellow the M3 class. The Discoverer is highly adaptable with an adequate cargobay, comparatively well shielded for small scale combat situations. The Xenon N is very similar except is slightly slower, more shielding and has a bigger cargobay.

  • The Boron Octopus is equipped with three front mounted Beta IRE weapon and is quite fast, but compared to the Discoverer it lacks adaptability having a tiny cargobay and is only slightly faster than the discoverer.

  • The Paranid Pegasus is the fastest ship in the game! This is what makes it so desirable to fly as for fast transport mission where cargo size is no issue nothing beats the Pegasus in sector.

  • The Split Jaguar is equipped with Alpha PAC weapons which gives it an edge over other M5's, it's shields and speed are adequate.

  • Teladi Harrier has the largest cargo bay of any M5, coupled with the fact it can equip a 5mw shield makes it perfect as a tender for an M6.

  • Check the capturing FAQ questions for more tactics against larger ships. Always remember that salvage insurance is your friend. Fighting in an M5 can often be fatal so saving regularly is a must.

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