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X²: The Threat

Plot Line Walkthrough: X²: The Threat

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By: Stormsong
Edited: 12/04/05 17:54

Be advised that the following contains spoilers about the plot line of X²: The Threat.

Mission 1 - Home of Light and Terracorp Crystals
Travel to Home of Light by passing through the South Gate in Argon Prime. In the Northwest corner of the sector you will find Terracorp Headquarters. Dock at Terracorp headquarters. When you land, use the "Communicate with person on board" optoin in the station's menu. Select Elena Kho. Follow through the cut scenes. She will give you the task of taking 15 Computer components to the Terracorp Crystal Fab in Ore Belt. (Note: Depending on which difficulty you selected at the beginning of the game, your cargo bay might be too small to fit all of the components. You will need to purchase cargo bay extensions for your ship from a trading station or equipment dock, and then return here.) When you have the 15 computer components, travel through the South Gate into Ore Belt. Land at the Terracorp Crystal Fab located there. Select "Trade with station" from the menu, and unload the computer components there (they are listed under the Secondary Resources heading). You will get a message saying you completed the job. Now fly back to Terracorp HQ.

Mission 2 - Boron scientist from Atreus Clouds
Once landed at Terracorp HQ, hail Elena Kho again. She will give you a new job, to pick up the Boron scientist in Atreus Clouds. She will also lend you a TP class ship to do the job. After the cut scenes, fly to Atreus Clouds by travelling two sectors north and then two sectors east. When you enter the sector, land at the Royal Boron Trading Station located near the middle of the sector. Choose "Communicate with person on board" and select Saya Kho. After the cut scenes, exit the station and head back to the Terracorp headquarters in Home of Light. Once you are nearing Home of Light you will be attacked by a swarm of Pirates. Defend your ship using your back turret and take evasive action. Try to continue to the Terracorp HQ. Eventually another ship (a good guy) will de-cloak and take out the Pirate ships. Land at the Terracorp HQ and comm Elena Kho. Elena Kho will then reward you with a TS class vessel.

Mission 3 - The Goner Temple and President's End
From the Terracorp Headquarters, travel back to Argon Prime when Ban Danna comms you. Land on the Argon One just like you would a station. Ban Danna will shed more light on the identity of your father, and ask you to travel to the Goner Temple in Cloudbase Southwest to seek out Noah Gaffelt. Travel two sectors south and one sector west. This will take you to Cloudbase South West. Dock at the Goner Temple located in the east half of the sector. Once landed, "Communicate with person on board" and select Noah Gaffelt. Watch the cut scene and then exit the station. You will find your friend Bret Serra in his ship the Saiien II flying around following you. From the instructions in the cut scene, travel to Brennan's Triumph to investigate the broken jump gate. Fly two sectors east, one sector north, one sector east, one sector south, and then one sector east again. Somewhere along the way (after you fly out of President's End), you will be hailed by Ban Danna. He will show you footage of the destruction of President's End by an unknown group of ships. After this, continue your way to Brennan's triumph. You might want to pick up some cheap missiles before you head there, for the next mission.

Mission 4 - Brennan's Triumph and the Broken Gate
When you enter Brennan's Triumph you will soon be hailed by another ship. He will tell you to leave. Give Bret the orders to follow him, while you check out the gate. The broken gate is located in the middle of the purple nebula in the centre of the sector. Be warned! The other ship has planted mines around the broken gate! If you approach it, your ship will most likely be destroyed. Crawl up to the gate and target a mine. It is a good idea to bring some missiles with you; Wasp class are the best suited to the job. Target the mines and fire a missile from within a 4km range. When you have destroyed all of the mines, fly closer to the gate. To scan the gate, exit your craft by pressing Shift + E. While in your spacesuit, target and fly up to the first Nacelle of the gate. You will need to be within 50m of it in order to scan the Nacelle. A cut scene will then activate. If it gives you a negative message, you will need to fly over to the other Nacelle and scan that one. One of them will contain the artifact you are looking for. Fly back to your ship, and when within 70m, press Shift + E again to enter your craft. You will then soon receive a message from Elena Kho, telling you to travel to Antigone Memorial. To reach this sector from Brennan's Triumph, travel one sector west, three sectors north, one sector west again, and then another sector north.

Mission 5 - Antigone Memorial
When you enter the sector of Antigone Memorial fly up to Bret in the Saiien II, and hail him. Follow through the conversation. You can now either do some other things before completing continuing the plot, or you can tell Bret that you will take the next orbital transporter down to the planet. Note that you cannot continue this portion from an M6 class or larger ship. When you are ready to continue, select the appropriate message and a cut scene will begin. In the cut scene, use the museum's computer to scan for the AP Gunner. When you have found a successful match, Elena Kho will comm you. Follow through the cut scenes. You will meet Ferd Harling, and he will give you instructions about obtaining an LFL device. He will also tell you that the only person you are going to get one from is a Paranid by the name of Manckossak. Soon after you return to space, Elena Kho will hail you, giving you more instructions. She will also offer you a free jump drive, which you get by docking at the Terracorp HQ and comming Saya Kho. (You will need an M4 class or higher to install the jump drive.) Travel back to the Terracorp HQ. From there you will need to find the Paranid by the name of Manckossak. You are told to meet up with Bret in Priest's Rings. To get there from Home of Light, fly to Cloudbase Southwest, then south, and then two sectors east.

Mission 6 - Priest Rings and the LFL device
To get to Priest's Rings from Home of Light, fly to the sector Cloudbase Southwest, then through the south gate, and then two sectors east. When you enter the sector Priest's Rings, Bret will hail you. Manckossak is located in the Trading Dock inside of this sector. However your reputation with the Paranid may not be high enough to dock at their stations. This leaves you with a problem. In order to dock at the station you will have to raise your reputation with them by either killing Khaak or Pirates in their sectors. Tip: The best sector for doing this in is Priest's Pity, one sector East of Priest's Rings. There is a Pirate base located there which will give you plenty of targets for boosting your reputation. Another way of increasing your reputation with the Paranid is by building a station in their space; after some time of Paranid ships trading with your station your race relations will go up, and you will be able to dock with them. Note that the Pirate/Khaak killing method is much faster. Once your reputation with the Paranid is high enough for you to land at their stations, dock at the Trading Dock in Priest's Rings. "Communicate with person on board" and select Manckossak. Follow through the conversation until you are able to get the LFL device. During the conversation, you will need to suck up to him as much as possible in order to get the device. You'll also need 35,000 or so credits in your account to buy the device from him. After the conversation has ended and you have the LFL device, exit the station.

Mission 7 - Two Roads Diverge
After you leave the station, Saya Kho will hail you. You will be given a choice to follow one of two routes. You can either follow Saya through the "Red Route" (which will be shorter but more dangerous) or you can follow Bret on the Blue Route, which is longer but less dangerous. Whichever route you take, you will need to arrive in the sector Nyana's Hideout.

Red Route from Priest's Rings: East, South, South, South, East 6 times, North, East, North, East, North, East.
Blue Route from Priest's Rings: East, North, East, South, East 2 times, North 3 times, East 3 times, South, East, South, East, South, East.
After making your way through the sectors, you will enter Nyana's Hideout.

Mission 8 - The Rescue of the AP Gunner
When you enter the sector Nyana's Hideout the cut scenes will begin. After the cut scenes end you'll need to destroy the Khaak group that spawns. After taking them down, a Teladi TL will appear and the Teladi pilot will attempt to steal the AP Gunner. Finish off the Khaak and chase after the TL. The TL will then drop fighter drones and laser towers while Bret lands inside the TL to take it down from the inside. Your job is to now take out the laser towers and fighter drones as fast as possible. When completed, Bret will escape with the Gunner and the TL will explode. After that is taken care of, Saya will jump into the sector. More Khaak will now also spawn, and your task is to kill all of them before Elena's TL arrives. After you complete that task, the TL will jump in and Yago the Teladi pilot will try seeking revenge. Defeat him and his ships. After that, another Khaak cluster will spawn which you must defeat. After the Khaak have been destroyed, Elena's TL will pick up the AP Gunner. Watch the cut scenes, then follow Bret into Black Hole Sun.

Mission 9 - Call from the Argon One
After entering Black Hole Sun, Bret will challenge you to a credit raising game. You can fly around and trade a little bit, although Bret won't actually give you any competition. When you are ready, head back to Argon Prime. Along the way Ban Danna will hail you. He will give you instructions to come see him on the Argon One. Once aboard the Argon One in Argon Prime, you will be shown records of the AP gunner's cameras at the time of your father's abduction. After this ends, Ban Danna will give you new orders to investigate the activity in Ore Belt. Fly two sectors south of Argon Prime and hail Mik Balser, captain of the Argon M1 in Ore Belt.
Note: At some point around this time, Elena Kho might hail you. She will give you a present for helping her recover the AP Gunner - a wheat farm randomly placed in some Argon Sector. (Provided you have explored that sector). Even if you are successful in the rescue mission, you won't always get the wheat farm.

Mission 10 - Ore Belt Scanning of the Asteroids
After hailing Mik Balser, he will give you instructions to scan the asteroids in nebula filled part of Ore Belt. You will need a mineral scanner installed on your ship in order to do so, which you can buy at the nearest Space Equipment dock. After getting your scanner, fly into the Asteroid Belt, and start scanning. There is no easy way to do this. In order to find the Khaak installation, you will need to scan each asteroid you come across. The installation's location varies so there is no guaranteed way to find it. You'll know you are somewhere near it, as Khaak ships will start spawning in greater numbers around you. When you scan the right asteroid, a cut scene will begin. This asteroid is the Khaak installation, and you will need to destroy it using either the mobile drilling system or with a hornet missile. (The hornet missile is by far the easiest - the Paranid sell these missiles but you can also pick them up from destroyed Pirate transports.) Using one of these methods, destroy the Khaak base. After it explodes, several unknown objects will be left around the destroyed installation. Quickly scoop them into your cargo hold, much like you would for any other kind of cargo container. (Shift+O to open cargo bay, then fly over the cargo.) Then report back to Mik Balser's M1 and comm him. He will beam the unknown objects aboard his ship. Mission accomplished. He will then tell you to report back to Ban Danna. Fly back up to Argon Prime and hail Ban Danna on the Argon One.

Mission 11 - Rolk's Drift and the Black Box
After hailing Ban Danna on the Argon One, follow through the conversation. You will get new instructions to travel to a Quantum Tube Fab in Rolk's Drift, where you are to get an M6 for a mission involving a risky jump into an Unknown Sector. To reach Rolk's Drift from Argon Prime, head west, then north 3 sectors, and finally east. Dock at the Quantum Tube Fab located in this sector. Once onboard, "Communicate with person on board" and select Saya Kho. A cut scene will begin involving your conversation with Saya. After it ends, "Communicate with person on board" again and choose Mi Ton. In order to proceed to the next part, you will have to pay him 150,000 credits for the use of his ship. Saya will then upload the Khaak Sector's coordinates into your jump drive. Fly out of the station and either dock with the Hydra in an M5 craft, or get out into your spacesuit and enter the craft that way. Press Shift + J to activate the jump drive, and select the Unknown Sector. Once arriving in Khaak space through the jump, quickly look on your sector map for a "Data storage device," your father's Black Box. Go and quickly scoop it into your cargo bay. Don't worry about the Khaak ships - try to avoid them, as fighting them is pointless due to their sheer numbers. After collecting the storage device, quickly jump out of the sector and back into Rolk's Drift. Exit the Hydra and enter the quantum tube fab once again. "Communicate with person on board" and select Saya Kho again. This will lead to another cut scene. After it ends, Saya and Bret will hail you. Their instructions from Ban Danna are to jump to Omicron Lyrae and help fight a battle that is about to take place. You can either chose to join them right away, or join up with them later.

Mission 12 - The Battle of Omicron Lyrae
When you are ready, jump into the sector of Omicron Lyrae. It is one sector east of Nyana's Hideout. A huge battle cut scene will take place. Take out as many Khaak ships as you can until the next cut scene comes on. Here you will be instructed to beam your father out of the Khaak mothership by getting extremely close to it; the spot you must fly to on the mothership marked on the screen. You'll need to get within 10-20m. Stay within the marked area while rotating with the ship and avoiding the lasers and metal parts attached to the ship. The best personal ship to do this in seems to be the M5. After you've stayed in the spot long enough, you get another cut scene. This time something is blocking the transport beam. You will have to destroy all of the unknown objects scattered along the hull of the Khaak mothership. They will be marked onscreen as well. Don't act slowly! If you do, you risk losing the entire planet to the Khaak's superweapon. After the objects are destroyed, you are told to get into position again. After getting in position, Bret will take down the Khaak ship in a final blaze of glory. This ends the mission.

Mission 13 - Loose Ends
After the battle of Omicron Lyrae, clean up the remaining Khaak ships. Then head back to Argon Prime and dock with the Argon One. Here you will view Bret's Memorial Service. Congratulations! You've successfully completed the plot of X²: The Threat! The story will continue further in the upcoming expansion, X²: The Return. From here on out the game is completely open-ended. You will also be able to obtain information through BBS articles that will give you new Khaak Sector locations and actual Khaak information so that you can identify the ships. (Instead of the ships always being labelled "Unknown.") Your rank with the race that sells them will need to be high. That's it! Enjoy playing X²: The Threat!

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