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I want to download a script or mod from the forum, but the download link isn't working anymore! What should I do?

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Author Details
By: X2-Illuminatus
Edited: 09/08/16 12:50

The horror scenario for every script and mod user: After spending hours of searching through the scripts and modding forums for the extension you need you find the topic has dead download links. Now before you burst into panic, there are a few things you can try out to find an alternative download link:
  1. Check whether someone provided a working download link on the last few pages of the script/mod thread already. Often you're not the first one looking for a new download link and a request by other users might have led to a positive answer and someone providing a new link already.

  2. Look on known mod hosting sites, whether the mod/script is available there. For example http://xdownloads.co.uk/ is one of the biggest hosting platforms for scripts and mods for the old X series games. There might be others though, so make sure to check the sticky threads in the relevant scripts and modding forums for possible hints.

  3. Look in the Internet Archive Wayback Machine, whether the site with a working download link may have been saved. To do so, enter the download link in the search bar and click on the 'Browse History' button. It will then show you the times the website with that link has been archived. By clicking on the marked dates you can then find out, whether the file is really available or not.

  4. Ask in the script/mod thread, whether someone still has the file and can provide a new download link. There's always a chance that someone who downloaded the file, is still active and can provide a new link. Of course, the chance that there will be a positive answer decreases the older the script/mod is. Alternatively, if you know that the author is still active in the forums, you can try contacting him via a Private Message.

If you found a still working download link for the script/mod in question, which hasn't been posted yet, please consider to make other users aware of the link by posting it in that thread.

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