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How do I uninstall and reinstall the game?

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Edited: 26/01/05 22:26

Tecnofreak's ultimate un-install/re-install guide!

Is X2 giving you serious problems and you've been advised to do a reinstall? Perhaps you just want a fresh install of it after a hardware change? If so then this guide will show you how to remove all of the hidden files that can have an effect on a reinstallation.


This only applies to X2 when installed on a Microsoft Operating System. The North American version does not use the "registry" for its copy protection so you do not have to follow those steps if you have that version. However, I advise you to follow it anyway. Before you start, make a backup of any save games you wish to keep for the reinstall.


Remove X2 by opening add/remove programs from "Start->Control Panel" and click on "X2: The Threat" then "Remove" or "Uninstall" depending on your version of windows. Close all open windows and navigate to your game folder. Delete anything left in this folder and then the game folder itself. Open the registry by going to "Start->Run" and type "regedit" (without the quotes!).

Don't be afraid of the registry if you have never used it, but do first make a copy for safe keeping by going to "File->Export" and saving to a secure location. Go to "Edit->Find" and type in "X2" and click "Find Next". Any entries that appear to be related to the game need to be deleted and any folders related to the game on the left hand side also need to be deleted. Repeat this but with search terms "egosoft" and "the threat".

Close the registry and restart the computer after setting up a scan disk procedure. For WinXP, set up the scan disk by going to "My Computer" and right-clicking "Drive C->Properties->Tools->Check Now" Tick both boxes and start the scan. It will tell you to allow it to access to the drive at the next restart, accept this. For other Windows version go to "Start->Programs->Tools->Scan Disk". The rest is self explanatory.


Run the disk defragmenter from "Start->Programs->Accessories->System Tools->Disk Defragmenter". Restart the computer when the defragmentation is complete. Insert the X2 disk and install it as usual. Upgrade it to the latest version (1.4) and install the Bonus material if so desired. Set up X2 graphics, sound, controls, etc. Play!

This should solve a number of problems that normal reinstalls don't. However, this does not come with any guarantee. If you have problems with anything please post in the Tech Support forum.

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