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I have a slow/unreliable internet connection. How can I minimise the connectivity required by Steam?

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By: X2-Illuminatus
Edited: 25/09/16 19:32

We do appreciate that not everyone has a fast internet connection. The DVD release minimises the amount of data that needs to be downloaded and limits the online activity in order to play the game to the installation and activation process.

If your connection is particularly slow then you can switch the Steam client to offline mode once the game is installed and activated. Since patches are normally only ever released as downloads anyway, the fact that you need to re-enable updates and put the Steam client back into online mode in order to obtain them, makes no significant difference to the amount of data you will need to download to update your game to the latest version. Alternatively you can tell Steam to only update the game on gamestart. To do so:
  1. Open the Steam Client.

  2. Right click on the game in your Library.

  3. Choose "Properties".

  4. Open the "Updates" tab and select the option "Only update this game when I launch it" from the "Automatic updates" dropdown menu.
That way when you start Steam in online mode and an update for the game is available, this will be displayed next to the game name in your Library. You can decide then whether you want to start and update the game or play the game without the update. For the latter to work you would have to restart the Steam Client in offline mode.
If the unreliablity of your connection is only limited to certain hours, while you can download at other times just fine, you may want to consider leaving the "Automatic updates" feature turned on, but limiting the times at which Steam auto updates your game to those which are convenient for you. To do so:
  1. Open the Steam Client.

  2. Click on the "Steam" menu item and open the "Settings" menu.

  3. Choose the "Downloads" option.

  4. In the "Download Restrictions" section tick the "Only auto-update game between" checkbox.

  5. Now set the timeframe, during which you want automatic updates to be enabled, by selecting a starting and an end time from the dropdown menus.
    (Optional addition: If you want, you can also limit the bandwidth Steam uses to download updates by selecting a maximum download bandwidth from the "Limit bandwidth to" dropdown menu.)

In extreme cases you should also be able to use the Backup and Restore Games option in the Steam client to transfer files between systems if, for example, you need to download updates while not at home. A NoSteam executable may also help if your connection is unreliable and you encounter problems with Steam's offline mode.

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