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What is the Assassination mission?

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Author Details
By: Apoch
Edited: 04/12/04 21:56

These Missions Require:
  • Any armed ship (at least 1 weapon installed)

  • Minimum Combat Rank

  • Decent reputation with the offering race

Several variations exist but it's all the same basic assignment: Destroy the target and his escorts. This mission can appear in any station. The message gives you your primary target's name, his current location, and his destination. Kill him before he reaches his destination. As you gain skills you will face more difficult enemies. The higher your combat ranking, the greater the chance you have of encountering superior opponents. Some of the targets own extensive private armies, so be on your guard.

You do not need to kill all of your opponents - just the "mark." On occasion the escorts can be captured. Some of the criminal types will own supercharged ships that fly faster than the normal maximum speeds, so they can be valuable acquisitions. Although you do not have to destroy the escort ships to complete the mission, they will actively attempt to destroy your property if they are left alone.

Q: How do I know who to attack?
A: First you must be in the same sector with the culprits!
Bring up the sector map; you will see the ships marked as enemies (red). The target will often be in the biggest ship. Sometimes you may need to check the names of the pilots to find your mark. Another option is to check the ship's listed destination; only the target ship will have this set.

Tip: When the target is in a large ship, select a ship from the sector map, press the [I] button or [Enter] to get the ships details. Then press the [L] button to get the list of docked ships. The target ship will have a small "getaway" ship docked with his warship.

Q: Do I get a reputation decrease for attacking these ships?
A: No. There was a bug in early versions which would cause reputation problems. This no longer occurs in version 1.4.

Q: Can I capture the escorts?
A: Yes.

Q: Can I capture the target ship?
A: No, this ship must be killed, even if the "getaway" ship has undocked.

Q: Which ship should I use?
A: This is a personal choice that also depends on your combat rank. Some race's ships are significantly harder to destroy than others.

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