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How do I uninstall third-party extensions (scripts and mods)?

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By: X2-Illuminatus
Edited: 05/11/14 15:23

Whether you installed third-party extensions (scripts and mods) for X Rebirth manually or through the Steam Workshop, uninstalling them is very easy. To do so, do as follows:
  1. Start X Rebirth and open the Extensions menu. Here you see the list of extensions you have installed and whether they are enabled (on) or disabled (off).

  2. Click on the extension you want to disable. Depending on the installation method you will see different options now.
    When you installed the mod manually, you only see the option to enable or disable it. To disable the mod, click on the "Enabled" option once, so that it reads 'Enabled: No'.
    When you installed the mod through the Steam Workshop, you see three options, with the first one being "Subscribed". To disable the mod, click on that option once, so that it reads 'Subscribed: No'.*

  3. Press 'Del' (Delete) or two times 'Esc' to return to the main menu and exit the game. When you restart the game, the extension is disabled.

  4. If you want, you can delete the mod folder from your game completely now. You will find it in the extensions folder of your game directory.

  5. *(Alternatively you can also unsubscribe from extensions directly in the Steam Workshop by clicking on the green 'Unsubscribe' link on the mod's Workshop page. This way, you don't have to start the game.)

Please note: Even when being disabled and uninstalled, a mod can have (negative) effects on your savegames. This can either be through changes the mod has made still affecting the game or through leftovers of the mod being saved in your savegames. Therefore you should read up on the uninstallation instructions mentioned in the mod's topic in the X Rebirth Scripts and Modding forum or on the mod page in the Steam Workshop.

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