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I'm supposed to provide specific files (crashdumps, savegames, screenshots etc.) in my forum topic. How do I do that?

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By: X2-Illuminatus
Edited: 21/04/18 18:10

If you open a topic in the Technical Support forum to report a problem or bug, you are asked to provide a number of information and files. The more pieces of information you are able to provide, the better your chances are that your problem can be identified and fixed. To provide specific files, please do as follows:
  1. Locate the file(s) you are supposed to provide:

  2. Compress the files (into a .zip, .rar or .7z archive) to save bandwidth when uploading/downloading them. This is especially important when providing several crashdumps or screenshots at once. Savegames are compressed by default since version 4.0. However, when you deactivated the savegame compression (in this case, savegames are stored as uncompressed .xml files), please compress them too.
    Since Windows Vista, any Windows Operating System comes with a facility to create .zip archives without the need to download any external programs. To compress a file/folder, right-click on it and select "Send To" -> "Compressed (zipped) Folder". Alternatively, there are many free third-party programs available, for example 7-zip.

  3. Upload the files to a specialised website and post the link to them in your forum post/topic.
    There are many free hosting websites (i.e. places where you can upload your own files to link them somewhere else). Some are dedicated to images (e.g. imgur.com), while others let you upload all kinds of files (e.g. mediafire.com). If you happen to use a cloud storage space, such as Dropbox or Google Drive, you can also usually share files (Dropbox explanation; Google Drive explanation).

When providing files, please make sure to only upload and link those that actually show your problem or allow others to reproduce it. In case of savegames, this can be the save right before a bug or problem occurs.

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