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Bienvenido a la web de Egosoft, puede que tengas algunas preguntas que podamos responder. Esta sección contiene la FAQ y está diseñada para ayudarte a usar toda la web, incluyendo la propia FAQ.

Los foros en Egosoft tienen una determinada manera de funcionar, con sus reglas y un sistema para juzgar si un mensaje es aceptado. Si tienes alguna pregunta sobre como funcionan los foros, donde poner mensajes, o como rellenar tu perfil, entonces esta es tu sección.

  • [EN] What are the forum rules?

  • [EN] How can I change my username?
  • [EN] How do I prevent my username from appearing in the online user listings?
  • [EN] I created an account but cannot log in! What should I do?
  • [EN] I created an account in the past but cannot log in anymore! What should I do?
  • [EN] I've lost my password! What should I do?
  • [EN] Why can't I log in?
  • [EN] Why do I get logged off automatically?
  • [EN] Why do I need to create an account at all?
  • [ES] ¿Cómo borro mi cuenta?

  • [EN] How can I effectively use the extra search?
  • [EN] How do I change my settings?
  • [EN] How do I show an image below my username?
  • [EN] I changed the timezone and the time is still wrong! Why is that?
  • [EN] My language is not in the list! Why not?
  • [EN] The times are not correct! What's going on?

  • [EN] How do I add a signature to my post?
  • [EN] How do I create a poll?
  • [EN] How do I edit or delete a post?
  • [EN] How do I find my own posts?
  • [EN] How do I post a topic in a forum?
  • [EN] I cannot send private messages!
  • [EN] I have received a spamming or abusive email from someone on this board!
  • [EN] I keep getting unwanted private messages!
  • [EN] Why can't I access a forum?
  • [EN] Why can't I vote in polls?
  • [EN] Why does my posted link not work?
  • [ES] ¿Cómo puedo enviar un mensaje privado?

  • [EN] Can I post Images?
  • [EN] Can I use HTML?
  • [EN] How do I become a Usergroup Moderator?
  • [EN] How do I join a Usergroup?
  • [EN] What are Announcements?
  • [EN] What are Locked topics?
  • [EN] What are Sticky topics?
  • [EN] What are Usergroups?
  • [EN] What is BBCode?
  • [EN] Who wrote the forum engine?
  • [EN] Whom do I contact about abusive and/or legal matters related to this board?
  • [EN] Why isn't X feature available in the forums?
  • [ES] ¿Cómo puedo ver el texto de un spoiler?
  • [ES] ¿Qué son los Smileys?
  • [ES] ¿Qué son los Spoilers?

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