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14 October 2001

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  • Intro
  • Next System, Next Station - a story by Melissa
  • 20th October 2001 at Jodrell Bank Visitors Centre, Cheshire
  • Have a good laugh
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  • Intro

    After having some starting problems in the past now we step on the gas!

    Most of you encountered some problems when issue 1 finally arrived in your mailbox. We want to apologize for this.
    Besides the reworked layout and miscellaneous modifications to make the news more browser compatible, we hope we have fixed our delivery problems now.
    Now for the content of this issue: Thanks to good relations to some egosoft developers, we were able to get further exclusive X² screenshots, of course we don't want to hide them from you! It is our task to find out more about everything that happens around X² - The Threat for future issues.
    But this is not be a X² Newsletter only, also we are glad to present a short story by Melissa Banks. Additionally, Rantamplan supported us with a joke today ;-).
    Enough waffle! To everybody who has read until here: Have fun with issue 2 of the X-Universe News!

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    Exclusive Screenshots

    In issue 1 we promoised to try to get additional screenshots toX² - The Threat. Well, we did it! The X-Universe News are proud to present three exclusive screenshots!

    On this picture you see an advancement of the Split Mule and another new feature: bigger asteroids with holes! Leaves room for some interesting fighting tactics ;-).
    Two mighty ships flying towards the viewer; we were not able to identify these ships, so more information is not available.
    Again, the next generation of the Split transporter. Additionally, you can see another new feature of the game - many people already missed it in XT: fog, which you can fly through with your ship.

    More official screenshots here: http://www.egosoft.com/x2/

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    Next System, Next Station

    Passing time with On-line News

    Some months ago, while I was doing a courier job in the system Menelaus' Frontier, I spent some days in the hotel section of the trading station, while I was waiting for my contact person. At the info terminal in one of the R&R lounges, I swept through the colorful on-line News, in order to keep myself up to date. But I had doubts again and again whether these things have actually happened.

    I have already heard about the beautiful sunsets on Nif-Nakh, the seat of the Patriarch of Chin. The bedazzling colors in the sky are drawn gently and as well as sharply in contrasting color tones by the many meteorites cutting through the atmosphere. This magic event is a destination for dreamers, I always wanted to experience this performance myself - just for one time. But as I sit here now, I must read that these meteorites are no meteorites at all. In fact, they are prisoners condemned to death, who are placed into superseded, scrap iron-ripe and no longer flight-worthy spaceships and who are catapulted from a carrier ship stationed in the orbit, in order to burn up in the atmosphere. No more dreaming.

    A few pages further I found a disappointing message: With the installation of the paranid landing computer in their equipment docks it is alleged that another secret system is installed as well, which scans and filters regularly the logs and the data banks of the ship and collects the result into its memory. If one travels in one of the Paranid sectors afterwards, this data is transmitted to one of several camouflaged receiving stations. Thus the Paranid are able to access enormous and extensive volume of data, which would explain their technical knowledge advances. But is it really like that? One would have to let the ship be completely checked. In my case, it would be best, if Teladi technicians would fullfill this tricky task. But who knows what the teladi will actually build in instead? And the Paranid would notice that then.... Oh, I rather don't want to think about it at all.

    I also discovered an interesting warning: It was addressed to all pilots of Teladian ships, who left their ships in the original gold colors. Like me, hmmm..... Distrustful and aggressive individuals, as for example the Split pilots are, they mistake the golden glittery effects for laser cannons fired too often and react accordingly to their nature. An important note for pilots flying in the Split territories. This would also explain the sudden and unexplained attacks which I experienced a few months earlier in the system of Family Whi. Which just goes to show...

    In the well looked area of Entertainment named "Colorful and Gossip" I read about the everyday life habits of other races. Like for example the Split, where it is normal to spend the time after breakfast for preparing measures against the plots within the family and to fulfill them, if possible before the evening is over. Speed and consistency is important , because the others will do the same. A daily challenge thus, in order not to lose one's reputation or the position of power. A Split has hardly time to relax, because the constant family feuds and the negative, aggressive attitude towards strangers require various time-consuming activities. Not so easy to lead a Split life.

    My next job led me to the distant Teladi system Scale Plate Green, where I experienced adventurous events. More on that next time. No, I still have not repainted my Falcon yet *g*


    to be continued...

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    20th October 2001 at Jodrell Bank Visitors Centre, Cheshire

    UK X-Convention 2001

    At this point again a short note on the UK X-Convention near Manchester.
    What is going to happen?
    X-Fans mainly from the UK will meet at that date to get to know other players, meet friends and have fun. As special event some people of the EGOSOFT crew (including Bernd Lehahn, 'the Boss') will show up there, too and they will present their latest project: X² - The Threat.

    Every information you need can be found on this website: http://www.spaceritual.com/xcon

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    Have a good laugh

    Lately, somewhere in the universe - at some random space-bar...

    An argon pirate and a Split pirate stick together at the bar, inhale some strange plants and enjoy a nice bottle of space fuel.

    Argon: Hey, you wanna bet?
    Split: Huh?

    Argon: I bet I can look at myself - without a mirror, glass or water… For 1000 credits? Interested?
    Split: Ah, c'mon - that's impossible… you have your bet!

    The argon pirate takes out his walleye and looks at himself. The Split is quite taken back by this but hands out the money and empties a glass of space fuel in one pull…

    Argon: Ok, mate - another bet?
    Split: Uhm, err - what you wanna now?

    Argon: I bet I can bite myself right in my butt…
    Split: Aaah, no, that's impossible - you aren't nearly as supple as we Split are. Bet!! And now for 2000 Cr!

    The Argon smiles, takes out his artificial teeth and bites his butt…

    The Split, alarmed, throws the money onto the table and hastily empties another glass of space fuel.

    Argon: Ok, ok... I'll give you another chance. I bet I can piss right onto you - completely without making you wet. And because it's you, that one goes for 1Cr - you have paid dearly for your experience now…
    Split: What?? Never… Bet!!

    The Argon opens his zipper and urinates right onto the Split's trousers… making him wet as the boron homeworld.

    The Split howls victoriously: "Hahaaaa, I knew it - you dumbass lost! "

    The Argon takes out the credit - throws it onto the table and smilies… "of course I lost - but I always wanted to piss onto a Split - that was worth the credit…"

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    Readers Corner

    Questions, Comments, Requests

    We are planning to establish a section for our readers, where we publish mails to the editor; these may contain praise as well as criticism, here you can ask questions (even to the developers) or just submit your comments (the topic should still be X though), of course you may express your wishes or make requests here, too.
    We will publish some of the mails with answers in the next issue.

    As usual the survival of this idea depends on your interest, so don't hesitate to send us your questions, opinions and wishes now!

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    Editorship english:
    Chris F. / Great Britain - cc_chris_f@hotmail.com

    Editorship german:
    Michael B., Nürnberg / Germany - burnit@nexgo.de (mb)
    Peter Biner W., Braderup / Germany - pbw@nexgo.de (pbw)

    Contact the editorship:

    Translations and proofreading:
    Herbert Hohenburger - hrh1000@hotmail.com
    Darren Astles - darren.astles@excite.co.uk
    Jonathan Handby - jphandby@hotmail.com

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