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February 2004

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  • Intro
  • X² - European Release Version
  • The playable demo is here!
  • Patch 1.3 on the way - modders take note!
  • Booster-pack donation status
  • X² - The chart stormer
  • Credits
  • A short foreword...

    Welcome to the latest issue of the X-Universe News

    This is the 13th time we've sent the X-Universe news out into the wilds of the Internet - but we're certainly not bringing bad luck :-)
    Issue 12 was really not very long ago and we already have a whole bunch of new things to tell you.

    First is the great success of X², about which we are very pleased, and which we could not have dared dream of - to our eyes, this is a clear signal that the so-called dead genre of space simulation is well and truly alive! Furthermore, we are proud to be able to transfer our first excellent donation (from the sale of "Booster-packs") to "Medecins sans Frontières".
    And also: our office is facing an invasion - in Germany it is X-Con time again!

    A rather less happy piece of news concerns our webserver, which has been struggling under the enormous flood of new visitors, and has frequently been unable to provide a service. We are working on it as a matter of urgency and have already upgraded the hardware, and have taken all possible measures to improve the reliability and speed of the server.
    Although these efforts have achieved some success, it is still possible that it may become overloaded at peak times.
    We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and hope to be able to get the problem finally under control soon.

    Have fun with the X-Universe News XIII!


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    The European Release Version

    Already up to date!

    Since X² is already delivered as version 1.2 in Europe, it is not necessary to download and install the 1.2 patch again as it will not improve your current version of X².
    Only if you have a problem with the copy-protection should you install the 1.2 patch.
    Please save our poor little server for the mass-download of 1.3 patches!

    Updates und Patches can now also be downloaded without registration. With immediate effect, the distribution and mirroring of the downloads (in unaltered form) is now allowed.
    We still recommend the registration of the game because, as before, registration avoids the need to worry about which version of the game you have and ensures you receive the correct update for the version you have.
    This is the safest method of achieving an update. Egosoft cannot be held responsible if the wrong version of an update is installed.
    Your personal download page will continue to be updated with all future scipts and other content. These bonus downloads will only be available to registered users.
    All previous and future updates will of course also be available.


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    The playable demo is here!

    Try out X²

    The playable demo of X² is already available for download:

    The size is around 140MB.
    Obviously, the demo also will be available on the cover CDs/DVDs of popular gaming magazines.


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    Patch 1.3 on the way

    3rd edition bug killer

    Not much longer before the 1.3 patch will be let loose on the gaming community.
    Once again, we have been able to correct several annoying problems and thanks to feedback from the community, several difficult-to-trace bugs have also been eliminated. Among these was a problem that could leave a save-game corrupted if you had given your property very long names. These save-games will also be repaired with this patch.
    Another problem which had bothered many players was the "doubled" menus which occurred if you left your ship inside a station. And then there were those Xenon capital ships which were unintentional fitted with the excessively effective camouflage, in fact they were invisible and also couldn't be hit with any shots. 1.3 brings these craft back into normal space-time.
    There are numerous other, smaller fixes and improvements, and there are also some new things!
    Among other things is the facility to instruct your ships to make a jump, assuming they are fitted with a jumpdrive, using options that are fully integrated into the command console.

    Modders take note!

    In the past, the X-games were always criticised for being rather difficult to mod; it was anything but easy, and could often only be done with the aid of a hex-editor - but with X² everything is improved - including mod support!

  • the so-called Galaxy Editor allows you to generate your own universes
  • our 3DSMax Exporter allows you to generate your own ships and stations if you are a user of 3DSMax5
  • Ship values and much more can be manipulated

    All that is only possible in a universe that is marked as modified. We have made great effort to ensure that modifications and packages that fans distribute for download cannot be used in the official universe. That way, one can always tell who has earned their credits honestly ;-)
    For this reason, scripts will also be dividied into official ("signed" by EGOSOFT) and unofficial (fan scripts).
    There will be more about in the forum.


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    Booster-pack - donation status

    And yet more good news!

    On the February 18th the donation total for "Medecins sans Frontières" -, attained from the sale of booster-packs, was exactly 1002 Euros!

    And the campaign goes on! As long as the stocks last, we have in our Online Shop - obviously, the novel "Nopileos" (in German), several T-Shirts and the standard Trumps Cards as well as the booster-packs.
    These booster-packs consist of 8 rare cards with special ships from the X-Universe. Among them ships belonging to characters in the game - ideal to collect and exchange. At least 6 Euros of the purchase price will go to the aid organisation "Médicins Sans Frontières"!


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    X² - The chart stormer!

    X² is a complete success!

    A magnificent launch! In many countries, X² shot straight from 0 to 1 in the sales charts and is holding on in the top 10.

    In the MediaControl Charts X² - The Threat has already held onto its place at the top three times.
    And in the Saturn games- and sales charts it is also romping away at number 1 for the third week! See for yourself:
    Saturn: Number 1 (German) (As of Feb 28th)

    Yes, you read it right, X² has done it!
    Several great awards have confirmed what we had hoped.
    The long years and the loyal waiting of the X-fans has been worth it, and we are pleased with the result.
    Your help and your many suggestions have made X² what it is today - a chart-stormer! THANK YOU!
    We are also fully confident that we will be able to remove the last stumbling blocks and add yet more features, so that X² will really be what many of you have dreamed of.


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