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Special Edition - March 2008

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Editor's Note: A Short Welcome...
Farnham's Legend: A Legendary Offer
The Teaser Video: What a Tease!
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A Short Welcome...


Hello and welcome to this, our 28th edition of the X-Universe News. Once again this will be a special edition. Little more than four weeks have passed since Egosoft announced X: Terran Conflict, a successor to the highly popular X: Reunion. Since then we have all been waiting impatiently for the first details about the new game. Sadly we don't have any hard information about it in this issue, but we do have something pretty stunning to show you. We also have a small reminder for our English-speaking community members.


Enjoy the issue!



Farnham's Legend

A Legendary Offer


Although this is not, strictly speaking, news we still think it is worth mentioned since we haven't done so before. The Egosoft offices are currently stacked with copies of the English language version of the novel "Farnham's Legend" by Helge Kautz. For those who are not already in the know, Helge is the creative genius behind the X-Universe fiction and the story in this, his first book set in that universe, runs parallel to the storyline of the first game in the X-series, X: Beyond the Frontier. So if you think of yourself as a real X-fan, don't hesitate: head to the Shop section of the Egosoft website and grab yourself a copy.


Book cover Farnham's Legend


The novel provides lots of rich background material for players of all the X-series games, and enables you to learn more about the story behind the names and places that you will recognise from the games.



The Teaser Video

What a Tease!


Only a month or so ago Egosoft announced the long-awaited sequel to X: Reunion. Unfortunately there isn't much information available about X3: Terran Conflict yet, so discussions on the forums mostly consist of speculation and wish-lists! The X-News team doesn't have much in the way of exciting new details to report to you just yet, but we do have one little morsel to the keep the anxiously-waiting community on its toes. The first Teaser Video can now be downloaded from the Downloads section of the Egosoft website.


video screenshot 1  video screenshot 2


As always with such videos it is way too short and reveals way too little! ;) However, there's some impressive action and scenes showing new ships and weapon effects. We hope to be able to bring you more mouthwatering in-game videos before the scheduled release of X: Terran Conflict itself in the third quarter of this year.



Credits & Contact

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