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Introduction A Very Short Note...
Breaking news New exclusive Gametrailers.com video is live!
X³: Terran Conflict storms the charts Great news!
X³: Terran Conflict: Update 1.2 First update now available!
The X3:TC Video Competition Show us your skills!
X3:TC Developer Blog Stories, Interviews and Info...
Credits & Contact: The bit that nobody reads anyway!

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A Very Short Note...



Welcome to the 31st Edition of the X-Universe News. X³: Terran Conflict was released last week and is now available in stores and on Steam. We are curious about your progress through the game and hope that you like X³: Terran Conflict as much as we do. In the meantime we have not been sitting around doing nothing, and have already created the first update which fixes minor problems and also adds a whole new mission. Not only that but we are holding a competition where you can win a little something.


Anyway, read for yourself. Enjoy!



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Breaking news

New exclusive Gametrailers.com video is live!


A new exclusive X³: Terran Conflict video is now live on Gametrailers.com


Please stop by and vote.



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X³: Terran Conflict storms the charts

Great News!


X³: Terran Conflict has reached the 4th place in the charts, both in Germany and the UK. This makes Terran Conflict the second best newcomer after Pro Evolution Soccer 2009!


We thank you for your support!



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X³: Terran Conflict: Update 1.2

First update now available!


The first update for X³: Terran Conflict brings many improvements. Owners of the Steam version will receive the update automatically via the Steam client. Everyone else should download the update from us.



This update contains the following:


  • A whole new mission to scan for valuable asteroids.
  • Enabled mouse control in external view mode.
  • When a target is lost, the nearest enemy is targeted automatically.
  • Improved boarding crew functionality.
  • Various improvements in the user interface.
  • Several other improvements and fixes.


Available languages: English, French, German, Italien.


You can find the update 1.2 for X³: Terran Conflict on our Download page.



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The X3:TC Video Competition

Show us your skills


Today we have something special for you: The X³:Terran Conflict Video Competition.


The aim is to find out who can create the best video of X3:TC? Tell an exciting story or show an epic battle! Let your creativity flow and upload your video to YouTube, then post a link to your video in the competition thread on our forum. A jury, consisting of the X3:TC developers, will evaluate the videos and choose the best ones.


The grand prize will be a Matrox TripleHead2Go adapter! With this adapter you can connect 3 monitors to your PC and stretch one application across three monitors! Surround Gaming will become a reality.




But we got also lots of other cool prizes!


Several books:

Bardioc. Perry Rhodan 100. (german)

All-Mächtiger!: Faszination Perry Rhodan (german)

X:Farnham's Legend

X3:Yoshiko (german)

Nopileos (german)


The following PC-games:

Lost Empire Immortals

Tarr Chronicles

Perry Rhodan

A signed copy of X3: Terran Conflict


And DVDs!

Astronaut Farmer

Battlestar Galactica - Part one

Farscape - Season 1

Farscape - Season 2

Farscape - Season 3


Some prizes are German only, some are English only so the pool will be assigned accordingly.


Videos uploaded to YouTube can be a maximum of 10 minutes long and 1GB in size.

A short instruction manual explaining how to upload and create a video you can find on the Egosoft forum at the following address: http://forum.egosoft.com/viewtopic.php?t=218778


Deadline for video submissions is 30th November 2008.



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X3:TC Developer Blog

Stories, Interviews and Info...


New blog entries have been posted. There is one from translators, for example.


In this particular blog entry Alex Vanderbilt talks about his problems thinking like a Paranid and writing corresponding text. You can read about how he solved this and about some of the strange text passages he encountered.


Another translator, "stefanski", talks about the issues you have to solve when translating, and how much fun he had inventing interesting names for new weapons, ships and companies.


Lukas Blumer was responsible for numerous weapon descriptions and also provides some gameplay hints. For example, you should always stand at the right end of a Terran Point Singularity Projector!


Carsten “Cmdr." Baumfalk talks about how he ended up joining the team of translators. He would love to tell you everything about the new Boron plot but he does not want to spoil the fun. All he will say is this: You will meet Humi Wi and Mahi Ma, the two very talented assistants of the famous scientist Bala Gi.


Silvio “Belisarius" Walther had completely different problems to contend with. He only wanted to check a few texts in the new sectors but the gigantic space stations and planets almost made him forget why he was there.


All this and more can be found in the blog. If you do not know our developer blog yet, then go to the following website: http://x3tc.blogspot.com




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Credits & Contact

The 'move along' nothing to see here bit!


If you would like to get in contact with us, then feel free. E-mail: X-Universe-News@egosoft.com


EGOSOFT info@egosoft.com


Editor in Chief

Michael Baumgardt - Germany


Issue Editor

Thomas "Elf" Buchhorn


With Thanks To

Bernd Lehahn


Translation and Proofreading



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