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December 2008

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Introduction: A Short Note...
The 1.3 Update is here: Terran Conflict - Keeps Getting Better
X3:TC Uplink: Online Statistics for Terran Conflict
X3: Reunion for Linux: A Penguin in a Disco
Creative Excellence: The X3TC-Video Competition has Ended
Credits & Contacts: The Rear End

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A Short Note...


Welcome to X-Universe News, Edition 33. It's the time of year for calendars filled with chocolate and office pranks involving fresh snow. We have an early Christmas present for you guys; the 1.3 Update for X3: Terran Conflict. Not only that; X3: Reunion is now available on Linux and the X3: Terran Conflict Video Competition draws to a close.


We wish you all the best



Terran Conflict - Keeps Getting Better

The 1.3 Update is here...


It has been quite a wait but finally, the 1.3 Update for Terran Conflict is here. It comes with new features which will keep you happy and the usual bug squashing mayhem. The 1.3 Update for X3 Terran Conflict can be downloaded as usual from the Download Section.


The Update fixes many issues which have been bothering you as well as adding new features such as Freight Drone commands, improved Shipyard menus and an elusive ship which was never before seen in previous versions. We also listened to you and rebalanced the game accordingly. A big thank you to everyone who aided us in investigating some of these issues.


Attention: This update is not compatible with the Steam-version of X3:TC! The Steam-client will automatically download the updated files.



X3:TC Uplink

Online Statistics also for Terran Conflict


As with X2: The Threat and X3: Reunion, you can export your X3: Terran Conflict statistics of your current game to our website where you can compare your stats and achievements to players all around the world.


The Statistics Page itself has received an update and provides information specific to X3: Terran Conflict such as Boarding and use of Unfocussed Jumpdrive.


X3: Terran Conflict Player Rankings - The Current Rankings

X3: Terran Conflict UPLINK - Upload your Statistics



X3: Reunion for Linux

A Penguin in a Disco


X3: Reunion for Linux is close to being released and to highlight the event Linux Game Publishing are offering a bonus edition limited to 500 copies, containing an X3 T-shirt and a copy of the book Farnham's Legend (English Edition) all enclosed in a sweet package. Click the following link for information on X3: Reunion Special Edition. Price £40.


With 500 copies available it's clear that not everyone will get the Bonus Edition and so the peeps at Linux have made X3: Reunion Regular Edition. Price: £30.



Creative Excellence:

The X3TC-Video Competition has Ended


In a previous edition of X-News, we introduced a competition to send in your fan made videos of X3: Terran Conflict. Now, the competition has ended and we are going to view all of the submissions and pick the winners. Each of them has a chance to win one of several shiny prizes such as a Matrox TripleHead2Go.


You can all check them out too in the X3:TC Video Competition thread. The winners will be announced soon.



Credits & Contact

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If you would like to get in contact with us, then feel free. E-mail: X-Universe-News@egosoft.com


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