Edition 56 - December 2014

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A Few Words from the Editor...

Welcome to the 56th edition of the X-Universe News. The winter is coming. It is cold and wet outside. In this situation, what could be a better reason to stay at home than a new X Rebirth update? Exactly, one Update and one DLC. In this issue you will read everything you need to know about the just released Update 3.0 and the first X Rebirth DLC "The Teladi Outpost".

X Rebirth Update 3.0 released New update ready in time for the Christmas holidays
X Rebirth: The Teladi Outpost First X Rebirth DLC released
The Teladi Outpost FAQ First questions answered before they were even asked

Happy reading! - X2-Illuminatus

X Rebirth Update 3.0 released

New update ready in time for the Christmas holidays

Egosoft is happy to announce the release of Update 3.0 for X Rebirth today, which comes with a host of new features, improvements and bugfixes.

The new features cover different areas of the game ranging from a new crafting feature over improvements in station building and fleet control to new ways of stealing, sabotaging and hacking stations. To introduce these new things to you, we created a set of videos explaining the main features of Update 3.0:
Exploration has always been a big part of the game and so it shouldn't surprise you that Update 3.0 lays a big focus on that by introducing the new Crafting feature. By finding Lockboxes, which are scattered around the universe, you will receive different items which you can use in different ways. Some can be used in missions, others influence NPCs during the Smalltalk and some can simply be sold for good money.

Selling and buying wares is a basic principle of any economic system. To make trading more exciting and profitable the whole economy was re-balanced with Update 3.0. For the fleet captains among you X Rebirth 3.0 resolves the problem of issuing commands to a number of ships at the same time by introducing the new Broadcast command. While Station builders will be pleased to hear that it's now possible to build stations in emtpy space zones, basically removing the limit of construction places.
Where we have trade, fight and build we shouldn't forget the last of the four X Rebirth themes: Think. Ideally, you don't only want to think yourself, but also have employees, who can think for you. To make your personnel smarter and improve their skills, NPC Education is another new feature you will find in X Rebirth 3.0.
But this is by far not everything. For those, who rather prefer a pirate-playing style there are several new ways of hacking and sabotaging stations and also the boarding of ships has been changed.
For learning even more about the changes of Update 3.0 and its new features, we suggest reading the dedicated 3.0 manual, which you can download here.

In addition to the many new features and improvements, you will also be pleased to read that many bugs have been fixed and the performance in different situations could be improved.

As usual, you can find the full changelog in our forums here. Steam will have updated your game to the latest version already, unless it has been configured otherwise.

X Rebirth: The Teladi Outpost

First X Rebirth DLC released

Most people know Teladi as a race of greedy, little lizards who only pay attention to a problem if that has a monetary advantage for them. While it is indeed true that Teladi are a rather profit-oriented species, prejudices have let to many antipathies against them in the known systems. If you've ever spent some time on a platform, you probably heard some nasty words about the Teladi yourself already. Cut off from their own territority and stranded in human systems they are not really welcome in, there are certainly better places a Teladi could wish to be in these days. Fortunately for the Teladi though, time changes.

A gate realignment made possible what Teladi have hoped for a long time: a connection to two Teladi systems. X Rebirth: The Teladi Outpost opens up these systems to the Teladi and of course, also to you.
Watch the exclusive The Teladi Outpost Trailer:

These new Teladi systems contain many new interesting places. Among these is probably one of the biggest and most impressive stations ever built: the Habitat-class Teladi superstation, Overwatch. Producing not only ships and wares, it serves as a home to most Teladi and is definitely worth visiting. Travelling the new systems you will easily notice the new Teladi ships, no human being as ever seen before, you will find new wares and upgrades for the Skunk and discover the one or other secret.
But it is not all roses. While the gate realignment established a connection to Argon and Terran space, the connection to the Teladi territority was lost, and so the supplies have been cut off. On top of all that, Xenon and Pirate factions exacerbate life for the Teladi and dangerous regions can make the navigation through some sectors quite a challenge.

Lots of changes, but also risks await the player in the Teladi Outpost DLC - the perfect place to be for an entrepreneur, a trader or a fighter.

So what do you wait for? Jump into the Albion Skunk, collect your ships and make some profit - or as a Teladi would say: Sahber ssu ogsom ssu eosh, wjasr.

The Teladi Outpost FAQ

First questions answered before they were even asked

To make the start with the DLC as easy as possible for you, we collected some questions and answers you will most-likely have.

Where can I get the Teladi Outpost DLC?
If you already own X Rebirth, you can get the The Teladi Outpost DLC directly from our Steam store page. If you hurry up, you will get the DLC for free until the 14th December, afterward it will cost 9.99 €.

If you do not own X Rebirth yet, then we have a special offer for you:
The X Rebirth Collector's Edition, a coupon for the Teladi Outpost DLC and an English version of the X-Universe novel Farham's Legend by Helge Kautz, all together for the unbeatable price of 39.99 €.

Next to the X Rebirth on DVD, the X Rebirth Collector's Edition contains a set of content you don't get anywhere else. Among those is the blu-ray disc "X the Space Opera - Per Musica ad Albion" with unique pieces of music composed specially for the game, a Soundtrack CD featuring 26 tracks, a 56-card pack of playing cards with motifs from the X Universe, a 28-page art booklet and other exciting extras. Of course, the CE also grants you access to the latest X Rebirth Update 3.0. On top of all that, with a specially designed coupon you will get the new The Teladi Outpost-DLC for free. The first of the X-Universe novels by Helge Kautz - Farnham's Legend (English) - gives you an insight into the beginnings of the X-Universe and - congenial to the Teladi Outpost DLC - introduces one of the most famous Teladi personalities of all times.

This offer is only available from the Egosoft shop and only good while supplies last.

Additionally, but only available in Germany is the new X Rebirth: The Teladi Outpost retail version containing X Rebirth in version 3.0 and the 'The Teladi Outpost' DLC for a price of 39.99 €.

How do I enable the DLC?
Once you have bought The Teladi Outpost DLC on Steam, it will be downloaded and installed automatically. It should then be displayed in the X Rebirth DLC tab, which you can reach by right-clicking on X Rebirth in your Steam game library and selecting 'Properties' -> 'DLC'.

To verify that it is enabled, start X Rebirth, go to the Extensions menu and check if there is an entry called 'The Teladi Outpost' labelled 'Yes'. Here you can also disable the DLC once again, if you wish to do so.

If the DLC is shown as installed in the DLC tab but you cannot find "The Teladi Outpost" in-game in the Extensions menu, please follow these steps: Exit the game and return to the Steam client, right click on X Rebirth and choose Properties, then on the Local Files tab click on the button "Verify Integrity of Game Cache". When it finishes, start X Rebirth again.

Can I use my existing savegames with the DLC?
Yes, you can use your existing savegames with the Teladi Outpost DLC. You do not have to start a new game.

Once you enabled the DLC in your 3.0 savegames though, you won't be able to use your 3.0 saves without the DLC again. If you want to backup your saves before trying out the DLC, you can find them as described here.
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