Edition 60 - February 2016

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X Universe News


A Few Words from the Editor...

Welcome to the 60th edition of the X-Universe News. The 25th February 2016 marks what's probably the biggest release date for X Rebirth and brings you many new products in the X-Universe including:
  • The free Update 4.0 for X Rebirth on Linux, OS X and Windows - Version 4.0 is the biggest Update for X Rebirth ever created including many new features, improvements and fixes. To learn more about Update 4.0 watch its feature video or read the dedicated article here. Additionally with X Rebirth 4.0, we're happy to announce that the OS X and Linux version of X Rebirth finally leave the beta phase. Read more about it here.
  • The new expansion: Home of Light (HoL) - The second expansion for X Rebirth establishes the access to three new star systems, including the well-known Home of Light, home of the powerful TerraCorp. Home of Light is now available from Steam and the Egosoft Shop at a reduced price of 7.99 € for a limited time (normally 9.99 €). Watch the release trailer and read more about Home of Light here.
  • X Rebirth Complete - This new Complete package of X Rebirth provides you with the best entrance into the X Universe. Get X Rebirth in its newest version 4.0 together with its two great expansions, The Teladi Outpost and Home of Light. Now available for the unbeatable price of 24.99 € for a limited time (normally 49.99 €) from Steam, GOG or directly from the Egosoft Shop. Or if you like to have a physical product, get the X Rebirth Collector's Edition including X Rebirth, The Teladi Outpost and Home of Light, the best-selling X novel Farnham's Legend and several other goodies for just 27.99 €.
  • New Soundtracks released: The Teladi Outpost and Home of Light - Enjoy the music of the X-Universe, even when you're not playing the game by getting the new soundtracks directly on:
  • X novels as ebooks: Farnham's Legend available on amazon now - What better moment than the release of the Home of Light DLC could there be to read about the adventures of Kyle Brennan and Elena Kho, both founders of the TerraCorp, during their first visit of the X-Universe. Get the first X novel by Helge T. Kautz for a price of £3.44 on amazon.co.uk or for a price of $5.51 on amazon.com now. Read more about it here.
  • Demo of X Rebirth: Home of Light - Still undecided whether to get X Rebirth or not? Then the new demo version of X Rebirth lets you take a first glance at the X-Universe. Now available from Steam.

  • In other news...

  • All X games on GOG now - Another option to buy your beloved game series.

  • Happy reading! - X2-Illuminatus

    Update 4.0 for X Rebirth

    Biggest update ever released!

    Today Egosoft is proud to announce the biggest free update for X Rebirth ever released: version 4.0. This update adds many new interesting gameplay features including but not limited to:
  • The new Bulletin Board System (BBS), which makes it easier than ever before to find and keep track of offered missions. Most of the available missions are just one click away now and can be accepted from wherever you are.
  • Economy logging and statistics allowing you to analyse the economy to decide where to build stations and how to use your trade ships the best. Additionally, the new best deals menu makes it easier to find profitable trade opportunities.
  • The Player Jump Drive and the Singularity Time Engine Accelarator (SETA) providing new means to travel faster through the universe than ever before.
  • The weapon modifications system: Weapon mods, which can be found and crafted, can be used to improve your weapons' capabilities beyond their normal values.
  • The new 'very hard' difficulty mode providing a greater challenge for experienced players.

  • But this is by far not everything, as Update 4.0 also provides a major overhaul of the external view improving your abilities when flying your ship, improved tutorials to help new players getting started with the game, an improved fleet management with a new property owned menu and new commands, new missions, new ships and much more. Of course, Update 4.0 includes a lot of fixes and performance improvements too.

    For more information on the new features of Update 4.0, please watch the 4.0 and Home of Light feature video and visit the Update 4.0 and Home of Light section in the new X Rebirth wiki:
    As usual, you can find the full changelog in our forums here. Steam will have updated your game to the latest version already, unless it has been configured otherwise.

    Home of Light

    Second expansion for X Rebirth released

    Together with X Rebirth Update 4.0, today sees the release of the second expansion for X Rebirth, called Home of Light.

    Home of Light opens up three totally new systems for the player to discover. Among them is the central Home of Light, home of the well-known TerraCorp, which helped the system survive the Dark better than other systems. The result is a living and breathing system with a massive economy, many new mission opportunities and places to explore.
    If you like the exploration part of the game, then the second new system Toride is made for you. A new interesting area of space being home to strange phenomena and big secrets. Don't be fooled by the peaceful atmosphere there though, as enemy forces might just wait for a lonely explorer crossing their path.
    Empire builders on the other hand shouldn't forget to visit the third new system: Cold Star. With its high amounts of resources, supplying your factories with the necessary minerals should be easy enough. Just don't expect to be first one there, as other factions not all of them being open to competition have learned to appreciate the system's values too.
    Additionally, Home of Light makes best use of the many new features provided through Update 4.0 by adding new generic missions opportunities, two new weapon systems allowing for new combat tactics, the new Warehouse station serving as a large trade station for your own wares, two new gamestarts setting you up with the perfect assets to get started in the new areas of space, new ships, and many other dangers and secrets to explore.
    All in all, X Rebirth Home of Light offers a wide range of possibilities to Trade, Fight, Build and Think in the biggest universe ever created. But it will also confront you with an old enemy, the races of the X-Universe have forgotten and actually thought to be extinct.

    Home of Light is now available for a price of only 7.99 € for a limited timeframe (normal price 9.99 €) from Steam and the Egosoft Shop. Or as part of X Rebirth Complete including X Rebirth and The Teladi Outpost for the reduced and unbeatable, but timely limited price of 24.99 € (normal price is 49.99) from Steam, GOG or directly from the Egosoft Shop.

    X Rebirth for OS X and Linux

    Beta tests finally over

    With the release of Update 4.0 and the Home of Light DLC, the X Rebirth OS X and Linux versions finally leave the betatesting phase. To celebrate its full release, the OS X version is from now on available in the Mac App Store in two versions: The limited X Rebirth Home of Light Free lets you take your first test rounds in the new DLC and puts you into a position to take a first glance at the possibilities X Rebirth offers. While X Rebirth Home of Light provides you with the best experience of X Rebirth in its newest version plus the two expansions The Teladi Outpost and the just released Home of Light.

    If you already own X Rebirth on Steam, you will be pleased to know that as a Steam Play you own the Linux and OS X versions too. You can get them by installing the dedicated Steam Client on Linux or Mac.

    We'd like to thank all testers, who have helped with testing the alpha and beta version, and wish you a lot of fun with X Rebirth now.

    X-games on GOG

    Another option to buy your beloved game series

    With the release of X Rebirth 4.0 and the new Home of Light DLC, the full X series is available on GOG now. From the first game, X: Beyond the Frontier over the well-known X3-series to the newest version of X Rebirth, GOG allows you to buy all X games without the need to install any kind of client. To help you with questions you may have with your purchases of the X games on GOG, we have extended our FAQ on egosoft.com with a GOG specific section.

    X novels as ebooks

    Farnham's Legend available on amazon kindle now

    We're happy to announce the availability of the first X novel, Farnham's Legend, as ebook from amazon now. Accompany Kyle Brennan and Elena Kho, both founders of the influential TerraCorp, when they first arrive in the X-Universe. The book by Helge T. Kautz gives you an in-depth insight into the X-Universe and will please you with many new stories around the happenings of the first game of the X-series.
    Get Farnham's Legend for a price of £3.44 on amazon.co.uk or for a price of $5.51 on amazon.com now.

    Please note: The German X novels Farnhams Legende and Nopileos are available as ebooks too, with the X³ series novels, X³: Yoshiko, X³: Hüter der Tore and X³: Wächter der Erde, following soon.

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