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      You landed on this page because the game detected an error to start the game.

      We think that this startup issue was caused by some 3rd-party tool. The last reported crash we have on record is however at the time of X4 2.21 (which was released on 2019-04-01).
      Since no crash report got in ever since, we assume that the issue was fixed in the 3rd-party tool at some point.

      If you ended up on this page and want to help us determine the exact cause and resolve the issue, please send a mail to with the Subject: "X4-277 - Steamoverlay startup issue" and include the dxdiag and vulkaninfo (see this page on how to create these details) in the mail.

      Potential (untested) workaround

      If the game doesn't start at all, you can try to disable the Steam overlay by right-clicking X4: Foundations in Steam, selecting Properties and the disable the setting: "Enable the Steam Overlay while in-game" as shown in the following screenshot:

      If this solves the problem, please leave a comment here (or inform us by mail).


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