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      You landed on this page because we have detected a crash in "X4 - Foundations".

      We are currently investigating the cause of the crash.

      This type of crash can actually be divided into two categories:

      1. caused by real low system memory conditions
      2. caused by an in-game issue

      Please follow the steps below in the given order to resolve the issue.

      Restricted virtual memory

      To rule out that you are suffering the crash because of a system setup issue, please refer to the instructions in X4-268 and verify that the virtual memory setup on your system is correct and doesn't artificially limit the available memory.

      3rd-party mods

      A second possible cause are 3rd-party game extensions/addons which allocate too much memory (usually this should be considered a bug in the addon/extension). If you are running the game with extensions/addons and are regularly running into this crash, try to trace down the problematic addon by disabling one addon after another. If you could determine the problematic addon, just leave a comment in this issue and we'll investigat it and if we can confirm the issue, add the addon to the known list of addons which can cause this crash.

      Further support

      If you are sure that the page file size setup is correct on your machine and no 3rd-party addon seems to trigger the crash (or if you are running the vanilla client), we'd like to get information about what might have triggered the crash. If you are aware of a way to reproduce the issue, please send a mail to with the subject set to "X4-281 - In-game crash - 475669", describe how to trigger the crash (if the repro case requires loading a savegame, please make the savegame available - f.e. by uploading the save to OneDrive or GoogleDrive and send us the link), add a list of enabled game extensions, attach a screenshot of the machine's page file setup as described in X4-268, and the dump file (see this page with details on how to locate the dump file on your drive).

      We'll update this issue here, once new details become available.

      Technical background

      The game uses Lua as one of its script engines. When a script is loaded or performs certain operations, memory is allocated. If this allocation fails a memory exception is raised, leading to this crash.
      We are aware this currently happens especially in two cases of the game:

      1. when the UI engine initializes (i.e. most likely when the user starts the game)
      2. at runtime while the game is running

      Usually the memory consumption of Lua is quite low and a crash when starting the game should indicate some arbitrary machine restrictions (i.e. limited available memory way below what the min-specs require). A crash at runtime however can also be triggered by requesting a ridiculous amount of memory.
      In vanilla games, this should never happen and if it does, is considered a bug which we will fix ASAP.

      Historical notes

      Before 3.30 Hotfix 1 Beta 1 the issue could occur in 'normal' situations. This was caused by the older Lua engine being limited to the lower 2GB of memory address space. Depending on 3rd-party tools, drivers, etc. users could run into this limit in common cases. 3.30 Hotfix 1 Beta 1 removed this limitation, so that the Lua engine can also use address space above the 2 GB range.

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