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      You landed on this page because the game detected an error to start the game.

      The issue occurs when the game fails to detect necessary game assets.
      Usually this implies that the game installation is corrupted/incomplete.

      Troubleshooting steps

      To solve the issue, follow these steps one after another and after each check whether the game starts now:

      • verify the game assets through the Steam or GOG client, if the client is available on your platform (this page offers detailed instructions on how to do so)
      • uninstall and reinstall the game
      • ensure that the disk you installed the game on isn't out of free disk space
      • (especially for GOG and Linux) ensure that the installation succeeded without any errors (see below for further details)
      • verify that you have access to the game files on your system and it's not installed somewhere where your user account doesn't have access to
      • try to (temporarily) disable your antivirus system or any other 3rd-party tool which might prevent the game from accessing the game data
      • ensure that you are not trying to run the X4 executable directly from a different folder than the installation folder and if you use a shortcut to start the game, that the working directory set in the shortcut points to the installation directory

      Special note for Linux users

      We are aware that the installation script which comes with the GOG version of the game can fail in certain cases and leaves the installation in a half-finished state.
      When you run the installer, please verify that no error was reported and check out the game folder to see whether all expected game files have been correctly extracted.
      Especially check that there are several files names / XX.dat / / XX_sig.dat (where XX ranges from 01 to 09).
      If one (or all) of the files are missing or do have a different name, this strongly indicates that the installer failed to run correctly on your machine.
      In this case, please send us the complete error log by mail (see below) so we can work with you to resolve the issue.

      Further support by mail

      If the steps provided above didn't solve your problem, please send a mail to (Subject: X4-325 - Exitcode 113) with a screenshot of the popup error you got, your dxdiag (on Windows) or a screenshot showing the terminal output of the df command (on Linux), and in case of getting an error upon game installation on Linux, the complete installation log. This wiki entry explains how to create the dxdiag output.


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