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Vulkan related startup error (vkEnumerateInstanceLayerProperties)


    • Type: Bug Bug
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    • Affects Version/s: 1.0
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      You landed on this page because the game detected an error to start the game.

      So far we are aware of one case which can trigger this crash, when remains of some old device drivers remain on the system and conflict with the Vulkan runtime installation. Please follow the steps below to see whether this resolves your issue. If the provided steps don't fix the issue, please follow the steps under 'Further support' to contact us for additional troubleshooting steps.

      Problems related to left-over AMD/NVIDIA drivers

      If you switched the graphics card in your system (for example replacing an AMD card with an NVIDIA card), you are STRONGLY encouraged to double check that there are no left-overs from the other graphics card's drivers. Verify that all old drivers of the removed card have been cleanly uninstalled from your system (i.e. check Windows' add/remove programs list and verify also that no left over Vulkan runtime installations exist from the old drivers). If in doubt, we suggest to perform a clean reinstallation of the graphics card drivers as explained on this page.

      Further support

      If the steps above didn't solve the issue, please send a mail to: prioritysupport@egosoft.com with the subject set to: "X4-451 - vkEnumerateInstanceLayerProperties error" and attach the following details:

      • a screenshot of the popup the game presented to you
      • the dxdiag and vulkaninfo (see this wiki page for details on how to retrieve this data)

      Historical Note

      In 3.10 we improved the handling to better distinguish certain startup issues from one another and also better distinguish them from certain types of game crashes. As part of this, we were able to set up this dedicated troubleshooting page for the Vulkan vkEnumarteInstanceLayerProperties related startup issue. Before this was done, people were redirected to a generic bug tracking page X4-2 which tried to provide steps to handle a multitude of independent problems (including this one).

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