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      You landed on this page because the game detected an error to start the game.

      So far we are aware that this type of issue can occur if a 3rd-party tool integrates itself into the game and then suffers an abnormal termination (crash) itself. As an effect, this prevents the game's own start routine to complete the game is terminated.
      The following 3rd-party tools were identified to trigger this problem in certain conditions. We are working on better determining the conditions these tools will trigger the crash and eventually try to work with the 3rd-party developers to hopefully have this resolved in a patch (either on their, or our side).

      Tool Affected version Workaround/Fix
      Action! Screen Recorder unknown unknown
      Twitch Studio unknown unknown
      XSplit Gamecenter unknown unknown

      If you have such a tool installed, please check if uninstalling the tool prevents the startup problem.
      A note on Twitch Studio: We are aware that the uninstall routine for that tool still seems to leave behind the problematic DLL in the ProgramData directory (usually located on the C-drive). If you uninstalled Twitch Studio and still end up on this troubleshooting page when starting the game, please check for a possible left behind Twitch DLL in that folder and remove it manually (keep a backup, in case you need to restore it later).

      Requesting further support

      If you don't have one of the listed tools installed or if you had such a tool installed but uninstalling it didn't make a difference for you, please send a mail to with the subject set to: "X4-505 - 3rd-party tool interference" and attach the crashdump to that mail as described on this page under "Locating local crash reports".

      Note on the fixed/affected version numbers and the issue history

      Since the crash is caused by a 3rd-party tool outside the game, it can trigger with any version of the game (therefore the affected version was set to 1.0 and the fixed version was left out).
      The crash was first investigated on 2020-09-09, though our data suggests it had been around likely since release of X4: Foundations already.
      We reached out to the developers of XSplit Gamecenter and Action! Screen Recorder on 2020-09-09 to determine a suitable fix/workaround when players are using these tools.


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