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      You landed on this page because we have detected a crash in "X Rebirth".

      We are aware that this crash currently occurs with NVidia graphics cards in fullscreen without AntiAliasing set to 2x, 4x or 8x in the game settings. At this state the game crashes at gamestart and displays the following error popup:

      We identified the issue. A fix for it is expected in the next update.
      Until then, you can try the following workaround:

      1. In the Windows explorer go to "%USERPROFILE%\Documents\Egosoft\X Rebirth"
      2. There should be a subdirectory in there containing only numbers (which is your Steam user ID). Inside that folder you should find a config.xml file.
      3. Make a backup of that file (for instance by copying it over to the desktop) and remove it.
      4. Try to restart the game.

      If you ended up on this page without the error popup displayed, a different popup having been displayed, you have a different graphics card or the provided workaround didn't work for you, please send a mail to (Subject: XRUIMOD-261 - 334650) with a screenshot of the popup error you got and your dxdiag attached. This wiki entry explains how to create this information.

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          Stefan Hett added a comment -

          The crash was fixed in 4.10 HF1 (and 4.21 Beta 1 HF1).

          Stefan Hett added a comment - The crash was fixed in 4.10 HF1 (and 4.21 Beta 1 HF1).


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