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      You landed on this page because the game detected an error to start the game.

      The issue occurs, if DirectX fails to locate a suitable graphics device capable of running the game.

      This can happen, if the graphics card drivers are outdated or the installed graphics card is below the minimum specs of the game.

      Hence, first of all you'd make sure that the graphics card is supported by the game and not below specs. If you think that your graphics card is a supported device, double check that the installed drivers are up to date.

      If both is the case and the issue is persistent (i.e. rebooting the machine and starting the game again still brings up the exitcode 31 issue), please send a mail to (Subject: XRUIMOD-288 - exitcode 31) with the following attached information:

      • the version of the game you started (i.e. whether you ran a beta version or not)
      • describe whether the issue is persistent (i.e. whether it occurs whenever you start the game or whether it just happens occasionally)
      • the dxdiag (see this wiki entry for a description on how to get the dxdiag)

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