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      You landed on this page because we have detected a crash in "X Rebirth".

      We are aware that the crash can occur with some mods and is not known at the moment to occur if running the game without any mods installed.
      Known mods which trigger the crash atm are:

      • Random Universe Redux (version 205) - crashes when opening the encyclopedia from the small ship dealer's ship info menu (or according to a user report also if clicking on an item inside the encyclopedia)
        (caused by outdated rendertarget texture reference in md/LIB_RU_Presentation.xml)

      If you ended up on this page and have that mod installed, please contact the mod author for further support.

      While we are looking into options to prevent that crash from our side, please note that we can only provide limited support if you are running into problems while having 3rd-party mods installed.

      If you ended up on this page and don't have one of the known mods causing the crash from the list above installed/enabled, please send a mail to (subject line: XRUIMOD-306 - 347503) and provide us with the following details:

      • the version of X Rebirth you are running
      • a list of installed (and enabled) mods
      • attach the savegame to the mail (or provide a link to download the savegame in the mail) used to reproduce the crash
      • step-by-step instructions on how to reproduce the crash with your savegame

      Possible temporary workaround:
      Since the crash is most likely related to some issue between the game and an installed mod, you could try to disable your mods. If all mods are disabled and you start a new game, the crash should no longer occur.
      If you don't want to miss your favorite mod, you can try to trace down the problematic one by disabling one mod after another and see if the crash disappears. If the crash started occurring recently after installing/upgrading a particular mod, try disabling that one first.
      Please be aware though that depending on the mod, disabling it might prevent you from being able to load/use your old savegame, though.
      If you identified the mod, you can also try to ask the author of the mod for help. (S)he'd be in the best position to identify what the mod does to cause the crash.

      Note to mod authors:
      If you are the author of a mod and landed on this page while tracing down the cause of a crash related to your mod, we'd be happy to receive any details you'd have letting us know what triggers the particular crash. Please send a mail to (subject: line: XRUIMOD-306 - 347503) and provide the steps to reproduce the crash with your mod (preferably with a direct download link to the version of your mod triggering the crash) or even better a minimum reproduction receipt.

      Note on the affected version:
      The underlying issue exists since the release of XR and also applies to XRVR. The first crashreport was reported by players with XR 4.30.



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