Release Notes - X Rebirth - UI Modding - Version 4.22 (VR) - HTML format


  • [XRUIMOD-237] - Crash 314123 (outdated NVIDIA drivers)
  • [XRUIMOD-252] - FFI: GetLocalizedText() doesn't handle text element place holders.
  • [XRUIMOD-256] - Lua: Fixed functions returning storage names instead of storage tags
  • [XRUIMOD-264] - FFI: (Get/Set)UIScale can set/retrieve invalid scale values.


  • [XRUIMOD-254] - FFI: change Weapon handling functions to work exclusively on playership.

New Feature

  • [XRUIMOD-251] - FFI: add GetCurrentGameTime()
  • [XRUIMOD-257] - FFI: added Is/SetMouseVRPointerAllowed()
  • [XRUIMOD-258] - FFI: added Get/SetMouseVRSensitivityPitch/Yaw
  • [XRUIMOD-259] - FFI: add ActivatePlayerControls(), DeactivatePlayerControls() and IsGestureSteeringActive()

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