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Project: X4 - Foundations
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Affects Version/s: 1.0
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Type: Bug Priority: Important
Reporter: Stefan Hett Assignee: Stefan Hett
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referred to by X4-2 Generic Vulkan engine related crashes Open


You landed on this page because the game detected an error to start the game.

The problem occurred because of an initialization issue of the Vulkan runtime which the game relies on to properly start up.

Troubleshooting steps on Windows

For users with an NVIDIA graphics cards

Known driver issue with older WIndows 10 versions

The issue is known to occur when using NVIDIA graphics card drivers in the version range of 457.51-461.72 on older Windows 10 versions (Version 1803 and older).
If you run into this start up problem with such a configuration, please upgrade the graphics card drivers to >= 461.72.

Corrupted left-over AMD Vulkan runtime


The following really only applies if you get the error message stated below in the vulkaninfo. Skip this section, if you DO NOT see this error in the vulkaninfo output.

The issue is known to occur in cases of a broken/incompatible Vulkan runtime (left-over AMD Vulkan runtime being used with an NVidia card after having manually removed the amd-vulkan64.json file in the Windows system directory).

You can verify whether this is the case by running the vulkaninfo tool (see the Wiki link further down below) and check whether the output you get reports the following error:

ERROR: [Loader Message] Code 0 : loader_get_json: Failed to open JSON file C:\WINDOWS\System32\amd-vulkan64.json

If the described problem matches yours and you manually removed the specified amd-vulkan64.json file, please restore the file from your backup. If after doing so starting the game still redirects you to some other page, follow the instructions provided on that particular page.

For users with an AMD graphics cards

This issue applies to cases where you have an AMD graphics card installed and reverted the installed drivers to some older version (possibly also uninstalling a manually installed graphics card driver which then will install the Windows provided default (old) driver).

To resolve the issue, please make sure to install the latest available AMD graphics card driver for your system (either the recommended or the optional version).

Further support

If you ended up on this page and the steps above don't apply (or don't resolve) the issue for you, please send a mail to prioritysupport@egosoft.com (Subject: "X4-131 - Exitcode 205 - Windows"), attach a screenshot of the popup you get when starting the game, the crash dump, the dxdiag and the vulkaninfo. This wiki entry explains how to create the vulkan info output and this page explains how to locate the dump file on your drive.

Troubleshooting steps on Linux

We are currently investigating the exact circumstances which can lead to this happening on Linux machines.
If you want to help us to trace down the exact conditions, please send a mail to prioritysupport@egosoft.com (Subject: "X4-131 - Exitcode 205 - Linux"), attach a screenshot of the popup you get when starting the game and attach the output of vulkaninfo. This wiki entry explains how to create this information.

History on this issue

Originally this startup error was known to occur in a very specific and limited situation only and hence was very rare to run into.
Around 2019-08-25 and the following months, we were made aware of a few cases where this can apparently also happen on Linux machines, even though the details triggering this remain unclear and the issue was still considered being a rare occurrence.
On 2020-08-30 a user reached out to us running into this startup problem. The condition was tracked down on 2020-09-08 to be related to an issue with Twitch Studio's latest beta version.
On 2020-09-09 we reached out to the developers of Twitch Studio to investigate the issue together with them.
On 2020-10-06 we released a workaround for the Twitch Studio related crash in 3.30 Hotfix 1 Beta 1.
In 3.30 Hotfix 2 Beta 1 we improved the error message/report related to this startup problem to contain more specific details which will allow the support team to speed-up troubleshooting the issue for players still affected by this problem.
In December 2020 (at that time 3.30 Hotfix 2 was the released version and the 4.0 beta test was running) we became aware of this start up problem occurring with new NVIDIA graphics card drivers. NVIDIA released a fix for that issue on 2021-02-25 with a driver update which solves the problem.

Comment by Anonymous [ 06/Jul/19 ]

Как мне запустить вашу замечательную игру на моём ноутбуке MSI GX60?
Версия драйвера 19.5.2
Купил игру, но поиграть не получается!!!

Comment by Stefan Hett [ 08/Jul/19 ]

Please follow the instructions in the description. If these don't resolve the issue, send a mail with the requested information as stated above.

Comment by Anonymous [ 17/Dec/20 ]

Fehler taucht auf und ist für mich als Nutzer wirklich NERVIG! Da ich als GForce-Nutzer nicht auch noch Lust habe solche Probleme zu lösen!

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