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The following pages provide an overview of the upgrades to the wiki system's backbone (i.e. Atlassian Confluence).

The changelogs do not contain all issues. Certain issues which do not apply to our instance or are only of interest to a certain audience are excluded. That way we have a more focused changelog which should be more useful to people using the wiki than a full/complete list would be.

Following is a list of examples of issue types which have been excluded:

  • issues which apply to administrators only
  • issues which apply to a specific system configuration which we do not use (for instance HTTPS issues, certain page customizations, issues related to specific Java versions (but not the one we use), etc.)
  • issues applicable to specific Confluence packages, we do not use (for instance: Confluence On-Demand, Clustered versions, WAR/EAR distribution, etc.)
  • issues which have been resolved in subversions but didn't appear before (for instance regressions introduced in 5.5 which got resolved in 5.5.7 already)
  • issues related to REST/SOAP/Java API
  • etc.

You can still see the full list of all resolved issues/bugs and added features by clicking on the link at the end of the changelog.

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