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Description Summary

This installation serves multiple purposes. Foremost among these is to serve as the operational centre for entrepreneurs who wish to be less dependant on standard ship and station procurement options. The Spacelab Headquarters has exceptional storage capacity, allowing for large-scale production of stations, ships and wares, and essential facilities such as a repair bay and a reverse engineering module. A ship upgrade function allows ship loadouts to be modified in-house, avoiding long waits at third-party wharfs or equipment docks.

This station also serves as a staging ground for Agents, once hired. From here, they will travel to their assigned destination, and they will return here once they have completed their task.


Detailed Info

NOTE that currently (up to v1.1) this station CAN BE DESTROYED by hostile fleets, & is IRREPLACEABLE (tho not unrepairable, with several hrs of repair laser work or similar)!


Protect your PHQ (or move it away from contested areas) as a matter of priority!

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