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Description Summary

The Cargo Bay Hacker allows you to bypass systems that would normally prevent wares from being beamed out of the cargo bay using a Transporter Device. While the system itself is not illegal, using it on stations or ships without authorisation is considered an act of aggression which may result in retaliation and loss of reputation. The system requires both a Transporter Device and a Freight Scanner to be installed on the same ship. It also requires a trigger to be defined, since most ships do not have one set up by default. This is usually done in the control scheme, where pilots can choose a free key slot, allowing them to start the hack with a single key press.

The system requires the user to be close to the target object. For smaller objects, the range is around 300m, but this extends to 600m for larger ones. Once initiated, the interface shows a list of the transferable wares. Selecting a ware prompts the user for the quantity, and transfer starts once this has been confirmed. The time taken for the transfer to complete will depend on the type of ware, and security measures may be triggered, aborting the process entirely. Attempting to transfer wares from a hostile ship is extremely unlikely to succeed, since their security systems will already be on full alert once your approach has been detected.


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  1. Perhaps emphasise that this device only works on /freight/, not on installed systems (so you can't use it to (eg) strip a ship of its guns - not sure about its missile stocks)

    1. Anonymous

      Unlike in X4, missiles in X3 sit in the cargo bay and are used directly from the cargo bay. Thus, because missiles aren't equipped, you may steal missiles.

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