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Global Blacklist

The Global Blacklist is a system that restricts the movement of your ships to keep them out of certain sectors.

When you command a ship to travel somewhere it will attempt to plot a course and avoid any sectors that you have blacklisted, if no route is found, the command will fail.  "No valid route to destination"


The default settings for the global blacklist, is to block any race sectors that you are currently hostile with.  These settings can be change in the Global Blacklist menu, found in Empire Management

From this menu you can set the options for each of the blacklist profiles.  Each ship can be given a separate blacklist profile, which you setup in the Global Blacklist menu and then assign to a ship via its Command Console.  Ships without a profile defined will use the global profile as default.

The profile is split into 2 separate parts, the race blacklist, and the sector blacklist.  The race blacklist applies to all sectors owned by the race, and the sector blacklist can list individual sectors to be blocked. 

Race Blacklist

The race blacklist can be set to Auto, Manual and Disabled.

  • Auto: This will automatically adjust the blacklist based on your current notoriety.  So if you become enemies with a race, their sectors will then be blocked. (This is the default)
  • Manual: This allows you to set each race individual
  • Disabled: This would be the same as setting all races to allow, so only the sector blacklist is used.

The race blacklist can be set to either Allow, Block or Avoid.

  • Allow: Ships are allowed to fly through this race sectors (unless the sector is listed separately in the sector blacklist)
  • Block: This stops ships from entering, or flying through these sectors.  A ship will never try to enter sectors set to block
  • Avoid: The causes a ship to try to avoid these sectors, if another route (even if longer) is available, they will use it instead.  However, if no other valid route exist, then ships will then fly through them

Sector Blacklist

The sector blacklist allows you to set individual sectors, which will override the race blacklist. 

As well as Allow, Block and Avoid, you can also set Whitelist, the Whitelist will allow ships to travel through the sector, even if its blocked by the race blocklist.

The settings of the Sector blacklist, will override those of the race blacklist.

NOTE: Setting the sector to "Allow" will remove it from the list, use "Whitelist" if you want to always allow ships through the sector


You can create multiple profiles that you can assign to individual ships.  The default is to use the Global Profile, but if you wish to have separate blacklists for different ships, you can create profiles for them to use. 

Switch to the profile tab to select which profile you are currently editing

From this tab, you can select which is the current profile, then switch to the first tab "Current Profile" to edit it.  You can also create new profiles and delete existing ones.  When you create a new profile, it will copy the current settings from the global profile to start with.  

The profile highlighted in green is the currently selected, and you will edit it in the first tab.

NOTE: you cannot delete the Global Profile, this is always available, as its the Default one

The 3rd tab, "Commands", allows you to link a blacklist profile to a command.

This means, when a ship is running that command, they will use the linked profile, instead of their current set one, or the Global Blacklist.

For Example, you can link a profile to the Universe Trader command, then all your ships when running as a Universe Trader will use a different profile.

You will need to create the profile first, before you can link it



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