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Lasers are equipped by ships and often traded by Equipment Docks and Military Outposts, or their Terran equivalents; types of lasers able to be equipped are dependent on ship type. Lasers require Energy Cells, Ore and Food wares to be produced.

The basic tool for ship-to-ship combat comes in the form of lasers. The firing of lasers consumes onboard Laser Energy which if depleted will prevent firing, resulting in a reduction in the rate of fire (RoF) until the ship's weapon energy has regenerated enough (the Laser Energy Reload Rate of the ship will determine how long this takes). Some "lasers" consume ammo to fire but these tend to require very little laser energy.

Several lasers have special effects making them even more dangerous. The choice of lasers used on a ship depends greatly on the laser energy reload rate of the ship and whether it will see combat In-Sector or Out-of-Sector: for example ammo-consuming weapons are extremely deadly IS but inefficient OOS; however ships such as the Xenon J can quickly run out of laser energy IS (thus limiting their firepower), while OOS they can make full use of their multiple Photon Pulse Cannons.


Highlighted lasers require appropriate ammo
NameShield Damage Per ShotShield DPSHull Damage Per ShotHull DPSEnergy Cost Per Shot (MJ)Energy Cost Per Second (MJ/s)Rounds Per MinuteRange (km)Projectile Speed (m/s)Turret Turn Speed (rpm)SpecialAvailability
Alpha Kyon Emitter7002,333.333501,166.671756.672001.85,99428.8Beam weaponKha'ak ships/wrecks
Beta Kyon Emitter2,5005,0001,5003,0001503001203.49,76628.8Beam weaponKha'ak ships/wrecks
Cluster Flak Array11,78112,083.081,7581,803.08675692.361.522,20054Area of EffectAvailable for Purchase
Concussion Impulse Generator7,8459,806.252,6153,268.75246307.5753.542032.4Delivers KnockbackAvailable for Purchase
Electro-Magnetic Plasma Cannon2,0005,235.68002,092.233181.15157.1258850.6-Available for Purchase
Energy Bolt Chaingun1,3578,927.632171,427.63426.32394.72.860438.4-Available for Purchase
Experimental Electro-Magnetic Plasma Cannon2,0004,694.838001,877.933172.77140.8258850.6-Available for Purchase
Flak Artillery Array13,86012,833.332,0931,937.97680629.6355.62.17,05156.2-Available for Purchase
Fragmentation Bomb Launcher2,7938,810.734711,485.861192.43189.3235943.2-Available for Purchase
Fusion Beam Cannon3,7809,0005,40012,857.15117278.57142.96.62,66122.4-Not found in vanilla
Gamma Kyon Emitter7,50010,714.284,5006,428.57500714.2885.74.912,41328.8Beam weaponKha'ak ships/wrecks
Gauss Cannon28,54042,218.9312,13017,943.7886127.2288.84.83533-Available for Purchase
High Energy Plasma Thrower1,9959,410.383321,566.0340188.682832.343135.8-Available for Purchase
Impulse Ray Emitter2201,466.6721140426.674001.41,16250.4-Available for Purchase
Incendiary Bomb Launcher50,86046,236.379,0008,181.82526478.1854.55.13123.6


3,000 DoT

Available for Purchase
Ion Cannon119,14866,193.336,8403,800907503.8833.35.13871.8

Reduces engine thrust

Equipment Damage

Drains Target Energy

Available for Purchase
Ion Disrupter1,5753,329.82510.5778164.9126.80.92,02722.4

Equipment Damage

'Chains' to nearby ships (including friendlies!)

Available for Purchase
Ion Pulse Generator12,56313,086.47523544.845647562.53.934730Reduces engine thrustAvailable for Purchase
Ion Shard Railgun2,67110,273.089623,700124476.92230.83.349836

Drains Target Energy

Available for Purchase
Mass Driver0045555.55112.35740.7173952.2

Shield Bypass

Available for Purchase
Matter/Anti-Matter Launcher8,35010,024.023,0953,715.484554.02723.644536-Available for Purchase
Mobile Drilling System2,362118.16,50032541520.7534.8841.2Asteroid KillerAvailable for Purchase
Particle Accelerator Cannon1,1556,047.12143748.6823120.42314.11.970341-Available for Purchase
Phased Array Laser Cannon3,9699,4502,9707,071.43117278.57142.96.42,56131.2Beam weapon

2 available only from 3rd OFF mission (random spawn of crate), otherwise not available in vanilla

Phased Repeater Gun6807,234.0572765.9513138.3638.32.31,56049.2-Available for Purchase
Phased Shockwave Generator1,9962,529.78106134.35449569.07761.425410.8

Multiple Hits

Area of Effect

Available for Purchase
Photon Pulse Cannon63,77846,553.2811,3408,277.37576420.4343.86.63332.2-Available for Purchase
Plasma Beam Cannon14,28023,8006,50010,833.33202336.671005.910,64422.4

Beam weapon


Lasertower weapon; not available in vanilla for ship use
Plasma Burst Generator468427.4120109.58170155.2554.80.837529.8

Multiple Hits

Area of Effect

Available for Purchase
Point Singularity Projector252,31025,23195,8129,581.22,50025066.43211.2ChargeableAvailable for Purchase
Prototype Matter/Anti-Matter Launcher8,3508,911.423,0953,303.14548.03643.644536-Available for Purchase
Prototype Starburst Shockwave Cannon20,78511,776.23,3741,911.621,200679.883422,00057.8-Available for Purchase
Pulsed Beam Emitter94518,173.0835673.0814269.231153.816,98059.4-Available for Purchase
Repair Laser0040200201003002.24,40012Repairs ShipsUnavailable in vanilla except from space suit
Spare Laser 111,78112,083.081,7581,803.086566.6761.510025,00054-Not found in vanilla
Spare Laser 27002,333.333501,166.671756.672001.85,99428.8-Not found in vanilla
Starburst Shockwave Cannon20,78513,163.43,3742,136.81,200759.973822,00057.8-Available for Purchase
Tractor Beam00001,0002,00012024,00012Can Tow Ships And StationsAvailable for Purchase
Tri-Beam Cannon7,53211,158.525,3217,882.97253374.8288.96.25,63018-Not found in vanilla

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