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Original post here

My first guide! Please let me know of any errors & suggestions, as this is pretty much all from memory; I'll update as & when necessary. Comments in square brackets are bits that need checking, so be aware (& gentle! (smile))

Preamble for generic (ie non-plot) missions:

Generic missions are divided into categories: Fight, Trade , Think, Build. All such missions start with a low reward that grows as you progress in race reputation (of the employer’s race)

Missions that require a fight element will have more and/or heavier ships to defeat as you progress in Fight rank. Missions with a time limit will have that limit 'changed' according to how fast <playership> is when you accept the mission. A jumpdrive is always an advantage when playing any mission, whether it be fitted to <playership> or another of your assets, so make getting one or more a priority.

During this guide I’ll be giving occasional keyboard shortcuts; these are invariably based on a UK ‘Enhanced AT’ desktop keyboard layout of 103/105 keys as that’s all I have access to (& can be bothered with); if your keyboard is different, or you’ve changed the default key bindings in the game don’t blame me!

I’ll try to be specific & consistent when using the oft-interchangeable terms ‘cap’ (capture), ‘bailed’ & ‘board’.

  • If a pilot has ‘Bailed they have ejected, usually due to sale (they sold you their ship) or combat (see Morale [needs further explanation] & General Mechanics), & their vacant ship is dead in space, waiting to be capped if necessary. The ex-pilot may still be nearby if you care to pick them up for further use (CLSS & suitable cargo space required!), otherwise they'll their way (slowly) to the nearest friendly (to them) station
    • The resulting empty ship may hang around in the sector forever provided it’s not rammed to death by another ship/object or caught up in a missile or similar AoE (area of effect) blast until capped: no hostiles will /actively/ bother it while it's unclaimed (though in-flight missiles locked on target prior to the bail event may damage/destroy it)
  • Cap (capture) means an M3/4/5/8/TS/TP pilot has bailed, & you can claim it as your property (usually requiring a brief EVA process). This also applies to any other /pilotless/ ship, including up to M7x class later on
  • Boardalways means a marine boarding party is required (eg TM, M6 or up) to capture <target> while <target> is still piloted: if there's no pilot the ship can be easily capped (captured) as above; however see later for why you may not wish to always choose this method

Always remember a JD (jumpdrive) uses f + (f * g) fuel per jump, where

 f = amount of fuel required for 1 jump, used as per ship type

 g = number of gates traversed by the shortest route (look at your universe map). Note that size of sector makes no difference to fuel consumption: all you want is the total number of gates bypassed. (For completeness I’ll add that jumps to Aldrin, HUB & Ka’ahk sectors always take 12 jumps worth of fuel (eg an M6 can jump from anywhere to HUB using 120 Ecells) before connection by jumpgates)  

For ship types 

      • M5, M4, M3, M8 - -- - - f = 05 Ecells per gate travelled 
      • M6, TS, TP, TM - - - - - f = 10 Ecells 
      • M1, M2, M7, TL - - - - - f = 20 Ecells

Every time you cancel a mission, you lose race rep with the mission giver (employer). If you fail a mission you lose more rep (than if you’d cancelled); if a mission fails due to circumstances beyond your control (eg target destroyed before you got to them but within time limit) I believe the rep loss is similar to cancelling [needs checking]  

E & OE


minor mods made; added some explanations; added some colour v0.91.12

Added trick for some TP lightbulb missions - needs more data
Minor mods to some other sections (build, fight)

This is v0.9.2 [added Morkonan's advice about 'build' sats NOT moving while IS; trick for TP lightbulb missions needs more data].


v0.9.2 Minor edits & layout changes for the Wiki

v0.9.2.01 minor edits & corrections on Wiki page only

v0.9.3 split out sections for wiki to make less of a wall of text; no text edits

v0.9.4 adjusted text for clarification

v0.9.5 adjusted text for clarification


  1. Anonymous

    the Yaki will become your own protection force

    It is easier to just have your own equipment dock near the North jump gate in Senators Badlands and jump the new ship straight there.   The police will then spawn above the dock waiting for the yaki to clean house.

    1. Easier, but a lot more expensive (smile) Plus if you're not already friends with Yaki they'll try to destroy it too..

  2. Anonymous

    I always aim to be friends with the Yaki so I can buy IBL Forges

  3. Am I right with the jumpfuel calc? Currently f + (f * g) fuel per jump, but should this be g + (f * g) fuel per jump? Does it make any difference IG?

    1. Anonymous

      The first one is correct. Simply test your formulas with a couple of numbers. Let's take a small ship as an example, so f = 5 ECs:

       Energy cells needed for jump
      number of sectors passed
       f + (f * g) g + (f * g)
      05 + (5 * 0) = 50 + (5 * 0) = 0
      15 + (5 * 1) = 101 + (5 * 1) = 6
      25 + (5 * 2) = 152 + (5 * 2) = 12



      1. Txs X2; I was confused due to a hard night (smile)

  4. Anonymous

    anyone know mainframe code for eefa/café mish on tc frustrated says check log but log is pretty big and tried loads of stuff still stumped keep doin colour game and suduko but cannot find code please help

    1. Not the right place to ask, but I'll reply anyway: the code is a concatenation of the 2 msgs you got from completing the Winters' related missions (search log for 'Winters' if necessary). It's also mentioned in the FAQ. Note that it /is/ case-sensitive!

  5. Anonymous

    The Think mission colour does not show well against the white background. Mission time has a large random range and is only adjusted according to ship class. Speed of individual ships within a class are not factored in. You forget to mention the penalty for shooting up a space suit. Also where is the rest of the guide? -DSE

  6. DSE (I dunno your forum name):

    Don't forget that this is the X3TC site, not the X3AP site. I've no experience of AP, but I do know that some things have significantly changed WRT some combat mechanics (as well as others)

    I know about the Think colour tks, but that was the best colour compromise I could think of while still staying closely within the game parameters (think = white). Before I updated the page it was white on white. If you have a better idea please feel free to demo it to me or simply apply it yourself, but try to keep in mind this site's paradigm of staying as cruft-free as possible! I don't know web design, so your ideas may well work.. but I can't tell unless I see them (smile)

    You've already replied to one part of the rest of the guide (wink)

  7. Anonymous

    DrSuperEvil. A lot of the basic game mechanics did not change much between TC and AP. If you look at the scripts for AP a lot of them still say TC in the notes.

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