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Stations are key to the economy of the game, receiving missions and for equipping new ships.   The NPC placed stations have several features that differ from player placed stations including a demand for secondary resources, NPC trading ports and equipment docks count towards demand on the Stock Exchange, ship equipment is only available at NPC stations, Solar Power Plants owned by NPCs do not require Crystals to operate and some station types cannot be built by the player (eg. shipyards).


This section covers both NPC stations and those able to be built by the player listing outputs, resource requirements, yields, availability, ware consumption by NPC stations and estimated profits.

Purchasable Stations by Race

Station Name  Argon Boron Paranid Split Teladi Terran Yaki*
Price (Cr.)Race Rank RequiredPrice (Cr.)Race Rank RequiredPrice (Cr.)Race Rank RequiredPrice (Cr.)Race Rank RequiredPrice (Cr.)Race Rank RequiredPrice (Cr.)Race Rank RequiredPrice (Cr.)
Advanced Drone Factory 2,898,204+5 ----3,035,320+5----
Advanced Satellite Factory 3,233,208+5 --2,616,432+53,389,028+5-----
Ammunition Factory 2,830,680+5 ----2,830,680+5-----
Aurora Missile Factory --2,155,472+6-------
Bio Gas Factory L 561,528 +3--------
Bio Gas Factory M 224,636 +3-------
Bliss Place L -----3,564,320+4--3,564,320
Bliss Place M -----1,584,144+4--1,584,144
BoFu Chemical Lab L 2,024,976+4--------
BoFu Chemical Lab M 809,992 +4--------
Cahoona Bakery L 2,187,480+4 ----------
Cahoona Bakery M 874,980 +4 ----------
Carbo Cake Factory L -------811,548+3-
Carbo Cake Factory M -------325,008+3-
Cattle Ranch L 687,480 +3 --------
Cattle Ranch M 275,016 +3 --------
Chelt Space Aquarium L ----592,496+3----
Chelt Space Aquarium M ----236,972+3-----
Chip Plant 5,599,036+5 5,012,124+56,778,056+56,487,196+55,599,036+5---
Cluster Flak Array Forge 12,039,488+8 ---------
Complex Construction Kit 259,696  +5 259,696 +5259,696+5259,696+5259,696+5259,696 +5259,696
Computer Plant 1,733,468+51,415,340+51,733,468+51,655,560 +51,415,340 +5--
Concussion Impulse Generator Forge 9,572,120+7 9,189,456+79,380,204+79,762,864+78,997,476+6 ?---
Crystal Fab L 6,492,388+5 6,622,236+56,531,344+5 6,583,284+56,557,312+56,258,664+5-
Crystal Fab M 3,129,332+5 2,973,516+53,440,968+53,285,148+53,129,332+5 3,129,332+5 -
Cyclone Missile Factory 8,823,156+7---4,161,620+6---
Disintegrator Rifles Fab ----2,246,368+5-----
Dragonfly Missile Factory 1,045,276+5--954,380+5----
Dream Farm L -----687,480 --687,480
Dream Farm M ------275,016 --275,016
Drone Factory 2,898,204+5 2,349,724+5--3,035,320+52,617,732+5 ---
EMP Rifle Assembly Facility -------2,246,368?-
EMPC Forge -------8,563,460+6-
Energy Bolt Chaingun Ammunition Forge -----3,538,352+3--
Energy Bolt Chaingun Forge -----6,396,300+3---
Equipment Dock 51,160,024+7 48,692,916+748,368,296+748,043,676+749,991,396+6 ?--
Firefly Missile Factory 714,164+4 ----------
Firestorm Torpedo Factory 10,952,660+7 ----------
Flail Missile Production Facility 2,876,128+5 2,876,128+52,876,128 +52,876,128 +52,876,128 +5---
Flak Artillery Array Forge ------11,390,248+7---
Flavour Pack Production Facility L --------811,548?-
Flavour Pack Production Facility M -------325,008?-
Flower Farm L ------899,976+3---
Flower Farm M ------360,004+3---
Food Preparation Facility L --------2,337,260?-
Food Preparation Facility M --------1,038,784?-
Fragmentation Bomb Launcher Forge --5,126,392+6-------
Gauss Cannon Ammunition Forge ------4,187,592+5---
Gauss Cannon Forge -----12,091,424 +7---
Ghoul Missile Manufacturing Plant -----10,952,660?-
Hammer Torpedo Fabrication Facility 2,876,128+5 2,876,128 +52,876,128 +52,876,128 +52,876,128 +5---
High Energy Plasma Thrower Forge 6,850,768+6 --6,713,716+66,987,760+66,439,672+6---
Hornet Missile Factory--2,934,560+6------
Hull Plating Production Facility M --------3,129,332?-
Hurricane Missile Factory --2,447,632+6-------
Ice Harvesting Facility L --------805,056?-
Ice Harvesting Facility M ------402,528?-
Impulse Ray Emitter Forge 2,721,092+5 2,572,804+5--2,362,060+5 2,565,792+5---
Incendiary Bomb Launcher Forge (Teladi) --------11,372,068
Ion Cannon Forge 14,096,276+7--------
Ion Disrupter Forge 10,461,836+7--------
Ion Mine Fab 2,246,368+5---------
Ion Pulse Generator Forge 10,434,568+7--------
Ion Shard Railgun Forge ----10,065,800+7-----
Keris Drone Factory --------3,129,332+5-
Lasertower Factory 1,220,568+5 --1,220,568+51,103,708+5----
Low-yield Sidearms Fab 2,246,368+5 --2,246,368+52,246,368+52,246,368 +5---
M/A-M Warhead Production Fab M --------3,129,332?-
Mass Driver Forge3,999,312+6 ----4,212,260+6-----
Massom Mill L ----2,012,512+4-----
Massom Mill M ----804,992+4-----
Matter/Anti-Matter Launcher Forge --------11,965,472+7-
Matter/Anti-Matter Mine Fab -------2,246,368?-
Mobile Drilling System Factory --4,264,200+5--3,682,484+5---
Mosquito Missile Factory 603,792+4 551,852+4---525,884+4---
Ore Mine L 905,688+3 1,139,416+3993,336+3818,040+3849,984+3805,056+3-
Ore Mine M 449,988+3 549,972 +3494,980+3409,020+3424,992+3402,528+3-
Phantom Missile Fabrication Facility -------2,899,112+5-
Particle Accelerator Cannon Forge4,196,680+6 ?4,028,788+54,112,732+54,280,560+53,944,840+5---
Phased Repeater Gun Forge 4,856,308+6 ---------
Phased Shockwave Cannon Forge ---8,917,944+7-------
Photon Pulse Cannon Forge 12,777,020+8 12,265,940+812,521,480+813,032,560+8-----
Plankton Farm L 799,992+3---------
Plankton Farm M 320,008+3---------
Plasma Burst Generator Forge (Teladi) ----------6,946,856
Point Singularity Projector Forge --------15,971,276+8-
Poltergeist Missile Fabrication Facility--------2,934,560+6-
Protein Paste Blending Facility L --------811,548+3-
Protein Paste Blending Facility M------325,008+3-
Pulsed Beam Emitter Forge ----9,068,568+7----
Quantum Tube Fab 4,135,652+5 5,051,080+54,590,120+54,590,120+54,135,652 +5---
Rastar Refinery L---2,512,556+4---
Rastar Refinery M ----1,116,692+4-----
Recon Drone Construction facility 2,349,724+5---------
Rimes Fact L 1,999,980+4 -----------
Rimes Fact M 799,992 +4 ----------
Satellite Factory 746,624 +4876,472+4--967,364+4831,024+4---
Scruffin Farm L ----799,992+3-----
Scruffin Farm M ----320,008+3-----
Shadow Missile Construction Facility--------2,934,560+6-
Shield Production Facility 1GJ 8,159,636 +7--9,063,376+7-----
Shield Production Facility 1MJ 1,630,888+5 ------1,485,460+5---
Shield Production Facility  2GJ12,268,020+8--13,561,300+8------
Shield Production Facility  200MJ6,336,572+65,386,084+6---------
Shield Production Facility 25MJ --3,999,312+63,427,980+6-----
Shield Production Facility 5MJ --2,150,280+5--2,041,208+5---
Silicon Mine L 1,139,416+3 1,402,356+31,227,060+31,022,552+3905,688+3805,056+3-
Silicon Mine M 549,972+3 623,268+3545,360+3499,980+3449,988+3402,528+3-
Silkworm Missile Factory 2,876,128+5----3,012,468+52,739,788+5---
Snail Ranch L --750,000+3-------
Snail Ranch M --300,012+3-------
Solar Power Plant L 11,014,336+4 9,904,140+411,569,436+412,124,536+410,495,240+49,904,140+5 ?-
Solar Power Plant M 4,895,260 +4 4,401,840+45,141,972+45,388,684+44,648,552+46,998,796+5 ?-
Solar Power Plant XL 19,581,044+4 17,607,360+420,567,888+421,554,732+418,594,200+417,607,360+5 ?-
Soyery L --2,087,496+4-------
Soyery M --1,077,736+4-------
Soyfarm L --1,199,988 +3-------
Soyfarm M --479,984+3-------
Space Fuel Distillery L 5,500,028 +4 ----------5,500,028
Space Fuel Distillery M 1,999,980 +4 ----------1,999,980
Space Jewellery L  ---2,658,632+4------
Space Jewellery M --1,181,616+4------
Spectre Missile Manufacturing Facility-------2,876,128?-
SQUASH Mine Factory  ---2,246,368+52,019,132+52,473,600+5--
Starburst Shockwave Cannon Forge --------14,237,808+7-
Stott Mixery L 2,483,340+4---------
Stott Mixery M 1,103,708+4---------
Sun Oil Refinery L ------2,125,024+4---
Sun Oil Refinery M ------849,984+4---
Teladianium Foundry L ------811,548+3---
Teladianium Foundry M ------325,008+3---
Tempest Missile Factory 7,706,464+7--------
Thunderbolt Missile Factory ----3,025,452+6----
Tomahawk Missile Manufacturing Plant 2,876,128+5 2,876,128+52,876,128+52,876,128+52,876,128+5---
Tornado Missile Factory ----5,810,688+7-----
Tracker Mine Fab ----2,246,368+5-----
Tractor Beam Factory --14,200,152+7-------
Trading Station 29,929,912 +6 30,514,228+629,800,064+629,215,752+628,241,892+6---
Typhoon Missile Factory ------9,141,284+7---
USC Food Supply Factory L --------2,074,320+4-
USC Food Supply Factory M --------921,920+4-
Vita Kai Production Plant L--------811,548?-
Vita Kai Production Plant M--------325,008?-
Wasp Missile Factory 1,525,712 +5 --1,447,804+51,675,036+5-----
Water Purification Plant L ---------856,996+3-
Water Purification Plant M ---------402,528+3-
Weapon Component Factory 720,656 +5 655,732+5623,268+5688,192+5655,732+5---
Wheat Farm L 917,504  +3 ----------917,504
Wheat Farm M 367,016+3----------367,016
Wraith Missile Production Plant ---------10,952,660+7-

* The Yaki shipyard only sells stations if the player sides with Beryll during the Shady Business plot.

NPC Stations

These stations are owned by NPCs and cannot be brought however some can be obtained by boarding TL ships going to replace destroyed stations

Station NameRaceObtainabilityRecommended sectors to find
Aldrin Energy Production Base XL Terran Aldrin
Aldrin Experimental EMPC Forge M TerranYesAldrin 1/2
Aldrin Mining Base MTerran Aldrin
Aldrin Mixed Food Production Base MTerran Aldrin
Aldrin Natural Habitat Base MTerran Aldrin
Aldrin Ship Production BaseTerran Aldrin
Aldrin Tech Production Base MTerran Aldrin
Aldrin Weapon Production Base MTerran Aldrin
Argon Stock Exchange Argon No 
Atreus HeadquartersBoron NoQueen's Harbour 
Beryll Research StationArgon NoAlbion Alpha 
Boron Stock ExchangeBoronNo 
Dark Space InstallationTerranNoUnknown Sector (Terran 1/4) 
Drone Production FacilityArgon, Split, Teladi  
Duke's HavenPiratesNoLasting Vengence 
Dumbfire Missile Production ComplexArgon, Boron, Paranid, Split, Teladi  
Federal Argon InstallationArgonNoBlack Hole Sun 
Federal Argon ShipyardArgonNo 
Goner TempleGonersNoElysium of Light 
Headquarters Argon NoGuiding Star
Heavy Shield Production ComplexArgon, Boron, Paranid, Split, Teladi  
Heavy Weapons ComplexArgon, Boron, Paranid, Split, Teladi  
High Yield Production ComplexArgon, Boron,Paranid, Split, Teladi  
Image Recognition Production ComplexArgon, Boron, Paranid, Split, Teladi  
Incendiary Bomb Launcher Forge (Pirates) Pirates   
Jonferco Headquarters Argon NoBelt of Aguilar
Jonferco Research Station Argon NoAlbion Beta 
Light Shield Production ComplexArgon, Boron, Paranid, Split, Teladi  
Light Weapons ComplexArgon, Boron, Paranid, Split, Teladi  
Marine Training Barracks MArgonYes 
Medium Shield Production ComplexArgon, Boron, Paranid, Split, Teladi  
Medium Weapons ComplexArgon, Boron, Paranid, Split, Teladi  
Military BaseTerranNo 
Military OutpostArgon, Boron, Paranid, Split, Teladi No 
Mining OutpostTerran  
NMMC HeadquartersTeladi NoPTNI Headquarters
Orbital Defence Station TerranNo 
Orbital Patrol Base TerranNo 
OTAS HQ ArgonNoLegend's Home 
OTAS ShipyardArgonNoLegend's Home  
Paranid Communications FacilityParanidNoPriest's Pity 
Paranid ShipyardParanidNo 
Paranid Stock ExchangeParanidNo 
Pirate BasePirates  
Pirate Stock ExchangePiratesNoGaian Star 
Plasma Burst Generator Forge (Pirates) PiratesYes 
Plutarch Mining Corporation HQArgonNoAlbion Delta
Rehabilitation Facility MPiratesYes  
Royal Boron Research StationBoronNoGreat Trench
Royal Boron Shipyard BoronNo 
Saturn Research StationTerranNoSaturn 
Seeker Missile Production ComplexArgon, Boron, Paranid, Split, Teladi  
Shipyard Terran, YakiNo 
Special Weapons Production ComplexArgon, Boron, Paranid, Split, Teladi  
Split ShipyardSplit No 
Split Stock ExchangeSplitNo 
Strong Arms HQSplitNoThyn's Excavation
Swarm Missile Production ComplexArgon, Boron, Paranid, Split, Teladi  
Teladi ShipyardTeladiNo 
Teladi Stock ExchangeTeladiNo 
Terracorp HQ ArgonNoHome of Light
Terran Stock Exchange TerranNoMars
USC Orbital Logistics Dock TerranNo 
USC Orbital Supply BaseTerran No 
USC Orbital Support Station  TerranNo 
Unknown Aldrin Base  TerranNoAldrin
Xenon Shipyard XenonNo 
Xenon Station  XenonNo 
Yaki ShipyardYaki NoSenator's Badlands
Yaki Stock Exchange YakiNoSenator's Badlands

Mission Reward Stations

Station NameMissionFunction
Corporation HeadquartersCorporation Troubles: Corporation BusinessActs as an Equipment Dock with a larger capacity 
Player HeadquartersOperation Loose Ends: Final Mission Report/HQ Plot: Clearance SaleActs as a player owned shipyard and Equipment Dock
Xenon HubOperation Loose Ends: Taking over the HUB/HUB Plot: Backdoor RescueAble to insert the Unknown Sector it is in between two gates

Stations of Questionable Obtainability 

Similar to the Ice Harvesting Facility in X3: Terran Conflict some stations may be rare boarding only rewards however, not enough data exists to verify the obtainability of these stations in vanilla.

Station NameRaceRumoured Method to Obtain
Disruptor Missile FabYakiRare find on TLs going to replace stations in Weaver's Tempest and Pirate sectors
Terracorp Nividium MineArgon (Terracorp)Rarely found on boarded Mammoth TLs going to construct Terracorp stations
Phased Array Laser Cannon Forge Split Rarely found on boarded Elephant TLs going to construct stations
Pirate Base


Occasionally found on boarded Mobile Pirate Base Hauler TLs, which themselves are extremely rare  
Spacefly FarmSplitRarely found on boarded Elephant TLs going to construct stations

Stations not present in Vanilla

Station NameComments
Argon Secret Service OutpostBeen replaced with the Federal Argon installation in X3: Albion Prelude
Earth TorusWas meant to be destroyed in the opening cinematic
Fusion Beam Cannon ForgeStation meant to produce an unimplemented weapon but only functions as a wheat farm
Paranid Crystal Splitter FabRelic from the plot of previous X3 games 
Paranid Nividium Processing PlantRelic from the plot of previous X3 games 
Pleasure Complex Relic from the plot of previous X3 games 
The MarauderRelic from the plot of previous X3 games 
Tri-Beam Cannon ForgeStation that produces an unimplemented weapon


  1. Anonymous

    In X3: Albion Prelude the player cannot visit planets without burning up in the atmosphere so interacts with races in the form of stations. 

    You shouldn't really start an article about a certain subject with a statement about the unavailability of a different feature, especially if that feature is not available in any of the X games for that matter. Your second sentence would be perfect introductory sentence for this article. X2 

  2. Anonymous

    Could someone check for omissions?

  3. Anonymous

    playing X3:AP right now, pretty late-game. As per table listed above, I have trouble finding any Incenerary Bomb Launcher Forges for sale neither at Yaki or Teladi Shipyards. I wonder if you can get them via boarding Yaki TLs?

    1. Anonymous

      The teladi do not sell them and the yaki only sell them if you finish the final plot in a certain way. I am not sure how this wiki feels about so called spoilers so I don't want to give it away but should be pretty easy to google.

      1. Anonymous

        Actually... it is already spoiled on this page with asterisk next to Yaki in the table, I should look better next time... unless it just has been added.

        Thanks for concern for spoilers though. Although there are a lot of them on this website, I feel like it is a necessary evil to save time and headache with many game mechanics (say boarding success/marine death chances. OOS vs IS combat, etc.) since game is rather extensive and sometimes convoluted in understanding how things are done/calculated.

        As far as plots go, if you spent a week grinding a plot, I feel like it is better to know in advance what choices you need to make, rather than replaying entire new plot on different starting scenario to find out what other option was...

    2. Teladi variant is sold at the Yaki shipyard if the player sides with Beryll during Shady Business. The pirate version can be obtained by boarding TLs carrying them to replace destroyed ones.

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