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This is the main page for all information relating to X3: Albion Prelude.

X3: Albion Prelude was first released in 2011 and the most recent version is 3.3 (2017).

Notable features of this incarnation of X3 are the addition of Rapid Response NPC ships, Jump Beacons, war zones and stock exchanges.



  • M1Carrier Class. Ships of this class are able to economically bring large swarms of fighters (or corvettes and bombers in the case of the Aran, Kyoto and Valhalla) into battle while delivering some capital ship grade damage to enemies at a distance.
  • M2+Heavy Destroyers. Ships of this class are very slow, heavily shielded and bearing lethal firepower. These flagships are as much of a bane to their enemies as the construction cost is to their owners.
  • M2Destroyers. These ships deal high sustained damage and have shielding that makes mincemeat of most fighters, corvettes and stations. This comes at the cost of low speed and maneuverability combined with a large hit box.
  • M3+Heavy Fighters. Bearing more guns and shields than conventional M3 fighters at the cost of maneuverability.
  • M3Fighters. These ships have substantially higher durability and firepower but less maneuverable compared to The M4 and M5. A greater range of missile can be mounted to them.
  • M4+Heavy interceptors. An intermediate between M3 and M4 ships which combines the defense of the M3 and the offense of the M4.
  • M4Interceptors. General purpose combat ships in between M3 and M5 classes and have can mount the unique weapon types of their creating races.
  • M5Scouts. Ships of this class are used for exploration, ferrying equipment, scanning asteroids and drawing heavy enemy fire in an economical manner.
  • M6+Heavy Corvettes. These ships are better shielded and have higher damage than M6 types but are slower.
  • M6Corvettes. A ship class less agile than a fighter but with at least twice the shielding and the ability to mount weapons that deal heavier damage. Stronger missiles are available to this class, too.
  • M7Frigates. These ships have over three times the shielding and the ability to mount weapons that deal heavier damage than a M6 corvette. However, they lack the laser generators for sustained firing and are less agile.
  • M7CCarrier Frigates. This class contains frigates exchanging firepower for a hanger able to carry fighter squadrons into battle.
  • M7MMissile Frigates. Bringing total doom to anything in their path and great for boarding enemy ships however, these ships require a large economy to keep them supplied with missiles.
  • M8Bombers. Designed to eliminate any ship too slow to dodge torpedo missiles (ships bigger than a M6 and stations). These ships have a limited ability to fend off attacking fighters and the ability to keep them supplied with torpedo missiles.
  • TLLarge Transports. These ships have huge cargo holds able to carry whole stations and even the ability to dock fighters. The are unable to dock at stations and relying on Freight Drones for trade.
  • TMMilitary Transports. Lightly armed ships able to dock multiple fighters for more economical redeployment and hauling.
  • TPPersonnel Transports. These transport ships are designed for the luxury transport of large numbers of passengers. They are a must have for taxi missions and act as a storage for spare marines/mercenaries.
  • TS+Heavy Small Transports. Trade ships with increased firepower, shielding and cavernous cargo holds in exchange for reduced speed and a larger price tag.
  • TSSmall Transports. These ships make ideal traders and commercial agents for stations.They are able to carry XL goods with large cargo holds.
  • MiscellaneousMisc. Every space object which is not a ship itself but can be targeted, like drones, mines, space suites, etc.

Starting Scenarios



Wares: AP

X3: AP Map

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