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X3 Farnham's Legacy Logo

Set in the years after X3: Albion Prelude, as the chaos caused by the gate shutdown really takes hold, X3: Farnham's Legacy starts very differently to previous games in the X3 series. Trapped in an isolated area of space, players will first need to make use of the new exploration features to find their way back to civilization. Afterwards, they'll be able to use the new diplomacy options to help shape their relationships with the factions they find.

X3: Farnham's Legacy will be released on May 4th, 2021.

Pre-Release FAQ 

"The relationship [of X3FL to X3AP] is similar to that between X3AP and X3TC." [CBJ] Savegames are not compatible. [Steam] "The main story plots from X3TC and X3AP are indeed the main things that are not in X3FL." [CBJ] "The sector count is comparable to AP." [Cycrow] "The stock exchange is available but has been adjusted so its more difficult and takes longer to make money from it." [Cycrow]

"After the initial phase, the game opens up to the 'normal' sandbox with all its glory and several additions." [Ketraar]  "There are several Sandbox starts that unlock once you got exposed to some of the new tools." [Ketraar] "A new [exploration] tool is introduced that roughly points towards 'interesting' locations. ... it will uncover many things, from crates ... to derelict ships that are not defined on static positions. Other locations, once found, will open up new sectors." [Ketraar]

"There will be a new set of steam achievements." [Cycrow] "You can achieve them in separate play throughs too." [Cycrow] No game engine optimisations, beyond those for X3TC/AP in 2017. [CBJ] "The [mod] script engine has been expanded significantly, and has access to many more things that the previous games did not." [Cycrow] There is no bonus pack, but "there are a number of new [commands] available, specially to help manage your stations/complexes, some of these replace the functions from the old bonus pack." [Cycrow]

The initial release will be for Windows through Steam, but non-Steam [CBJ], GOG [Twitter], and Linux [CBJ] releases may follow thereafter. The release will be free to owners of X3AP.

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