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Short Name: ALI

Moniker(s): The Alliance

Race Description

The physically imposing Paranid are often regarded as arrogant by several races which usually stems from their exceptional mathematic skills and religious fervour. Allied with the Split and distrusting of the Argon, the Paranid have been in several conflicts where they use their technological prowess and multilevel thinking to gain tactical advantages.

Faction Description

(Since 4.0 Beta 1)

As the universe cascaded into chaos during the first years of the Jump Gate shutdown, a new faction emerged, made up of scholars, scientists, and historians. In those most uncertain of times, they dedicated themselves to collecting the cultures and histories of all known species into their archives, fearing that the shutdown could result in that knowledge being lost forever. They also threw themselves into researching Jump Gate technology in the hopes of reversing the shutdown. These attempts, unfortunately, bore little in the way of fruit. They could not avert the shutdown, but they did set out to re-establish contact with the disparate systems by sending out durable drones that could withstand the arduous journeys. After the Gates resumed function, their focus shifted to mapping out the network's changed layout and exploring newly discovered systems. However, they have not given up on the idea of getting to grips with Jump Gate technology and work out contingency plans, as a future shutdown cannot be entirely ruled out.

Faction Description

(Pre 4.0 Beta 1)

Even after many of the jump gates reconnected to the network, there are still many people of all factions lost to the void. The Alliance of the Word sends automated drones in all directions to try and find them, scouts and maps the connected gates, and monitors stable gate links and unstable anomalies to try and find a reason behind the gate shutdown and re-connection.

There are even rumours that the Alliance is working on building large generation ships to travel interstellar space without the help of jump gates.





The Alliance of the Word does not start with any sectors and without direct player action will never have any sectors. Listed below are the Godrealm of the Paranid sectors where the Alliance of the Word has ship building infrastructure.


The Alliance of the world produces other factions medium size trading vessels (excluding Split and Xenon) in both vanguard and sentinel variants at their Wharf and their own unique fighter the Nodan. At their Shipyard the Alliance of the Word exclusively produces the Paranid Hercules Vanguard (Godrealm of the Paranid builder ship).


ALI Logo

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