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The Antigone Republic is made up of representatives of several sectors that were cut off from the Argon Federation during the Gate Shutdown. The fledgling republic was named after the system in which it resides, the system itself paying tribute to the Argon station whose loss is recorded in history as one of the greatest horrors of the Xenon wars. While the Antigone Republic is a distinct entity detached from the Argon Federation, and they are wary of returning back into the Federation, they maintain close ties, and cooperate on many levels. Sandwell, for example, is a planet of the Antigone Memorial system, which hosts the Argon Federation's biggest data archive. The Antigone Republic and the argon Federation frequently conduct joint military operations to beat back xenon invasions and they trade freely and often.




Spoilers ahead


This page contains spoilers about the locale of sectors. If you want a spoiler-free introduction take a look at the The X-Universe And Map page

A list of all sectors the Antigone Republic Start with when a new game is created. All Antigone Republic sectors are located on the lower-left side of the map, sandwiched between the Holy Order of the Pontifex, Xenon and Argon Federation. Typically, Second Contact II: Flashpoint is a major battleground for the Antigone Republic and Holy Order in most game starts.

  • Antigone Memorial (Argon Wharf, Argon Shipyard, Argon Equipment Dock)
  • Second Contact II: Flashpoint
  • Second Contact VII
  • Second Contact XI
  • The Void (Argon Trading Station)

The main Systems, sectors and zones page has more info for resources etc.


The Antigone Republic manufacture sentinel variants (slower but higher hull strength) of Argon Federation vessels as well as the heavy fighter the pulsar which can only be bought from the Antigone Republic or built with a license. The Ships page has more specific data on all ships





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